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That blindly link away to Facebook and Twitter from their corporate homepages are doing themselves a disfavor. Companies that link away, are sending away their decade of hard earned investments getting customers to come to their website. Instead, companies must have a focused strategy on how you’ll integrate social features and content into your website. Rather than padding Facebook and Twitter. Evolution of the Social Integrated Website (version 2.0, april 2011) In the below image. You’ll see Altimeter’s latest maturity roadmap (here’s version 1.0 from about a year ago) on how to integrate social.

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On dozens of interviews and evaluations of existing websites. We recommend that companies quickly get out of stage 0. But skip level 1, and move to level 2 and beyond. To learn more, listen to this webinar that was funded by Janrain and Badgeville for me to present our latest independent research on this topic. We’ll be publishing a formal New Zealand Phone Number List Open Research report on this topic in the near future –stay tuned. Above: Video Recording Secrets of Engagement: How to Integrate Social on Your Site with Jeremiah Owyang View more presentations from Janrain.

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The User interface is very confusing. For first timers the overwhelming set of features is daunting. The team tells me they are removing features every day to streamline Game will be flooded when mainstream pile in Expect the Social Brazil Phone Number List media elite will flood the tool, although they set some policies in place to reduce gaming, such as making sure people’s share value doesn’t get too high so it’s still affordable. Once celebrities get wind of this tool, expect more flooding, quickly followed by brands, the it will start to normalize after a dip in activity. While the game fosters advocacy.

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