Arena Media and Webedia produce the first Domino’s Pizza documentary

Domino’s Pizza has presented in Madrid the first documentary of the series ” Domino’s ORIGINALS “, which aims to delve into the history of gaming leaders in Spanish and thus get to know the people behind their nicknames. On March 19, the preview of the documentary about LOLiTO FDEZ was held at the Kinépolis cinemas in Madrid , reflecting its unexpected rise to the top of the world of video games. More than 500 people attended the event in which the streamer thanked his fans for their attendance by ordering pizzas for all of them. The documentary has been available since March 20 . Therefore , on the LOLiTO YouTube channel. LOLiTO FDEZ is considered the best Fortnite player in Spain and one of the best in the world.

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In addition, he is the with the largest number of followers on the streaming platform Twitch and has more than five million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The documentary Australia Email List portrays his meteoric growth, from his origins in Malaga, his first steps in gaming, being practically unknown, to rubbing shoulders with the best players in the world. In addition, it has the participation . Therefore , of some of the most famous content creators on the gaming scene such as ElRubius, Willyrex, TheGrefg or aLexBY11 . If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here Arena Media , an agency specialized in brand integration in the Esports and Gaming ecosystem . Therefore , is the creator of the Domino’s Gaming strategy for Domino’s Pizza. Within which the “Domino’s ORIGINALS: LOLiTO” project is part of .

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Webedia is the leading online leisure

Entertainment group and has produced the documentary with the participation of several of its areas: VIZZ . Therefore ,  which represents seven of the top 10 YouTubers France Phone Number List in Spain; NOOB. Creative and innovation agency, and NOOB Studios specialized in audiovisual projects with a disruptive vocation. Arena Media, VIZZ and NOOB have worked together on the definition of the project and the content of the documentary . Therefore ,  as well as on the entire activation and visibility strategy. The project has been filmed over the last year.  Following the streamer . Therefore ,  in his day-to-day life and accompanying him to some of the most important events in which he has participated . Therefore , from E3 in Los Angeles to the recent Fortnite Professional Tournament in Katowice .

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