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Videos are the most. A new product or service and its rational characteristics is not enough. This must be told starting from the nest of customers and the ways. In which this innovation solves the problems of our target. The future of Tracking Strategies in Digital Analytics. MARCO TARGA JANUARY digital analytics Over the last year we have witness a strong and sudden change in Digital Analytics. Until a few years ago the ability to analyze every type of detail with reference to the results of marketing. Campaigns was certainly one of the strongest points in favor of online marketing compare to offline.

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Today the issue of privacy that of third party cookies and that photo editing servies of Google Analytics. Which is about to be ban in Europe are certainly. Changing all the paradigms of Web Analytics. You might be interest in. Moving to Google Analytics : what your company nest to do” Download the free guide now to discover all the Adv Online trends and statistics for. Difficulties and opportunities of the new Web. Analytics digital analytics But not all evil has a silver lining. Consequently online marketing experts but also companies that invest in this sector must get us.

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To having less and less data available. If this may seem scary at first Phone Number AU it must be said that this is not necessarily. A bad thing and can turn into a plus for those who invest in digital for reasons. Until a year ago it was theoretically possible to track any type of data most companies had no tracking plan. Very often digital marketing workers didn’t even know what was being track in Google Analytics. Both due to technical gaps easily overcome but also and above all due. To the lack of an ad hoc strategy aim at identifying the tracking relating.

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