LLORENTE & CUENCA presents “Anticípate”, its new value proposition

LLORENTE & CUENCA has presented its new proposal today: «Anticipate. Embrace Disruption» . Therefore,  he summarizes the way in which organizations must face the uncertainty of the current environment with the aim of taking advantage of the opportunities and minimizing the risks that come with the disruption in the way we relate to each other in a world of permanent change. To accompany this evolution, it adopts a shorter and more robust brand, LLYC, which is accompanied by a new visual identity, and deploys a new approach in its explanation, for example, on its new website, of what it does today for hundreds of companies.

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s in the 13 countries in which they operate. “At this time when our clients, the market and our sector are going through profound changes, we needed to reflect and ask Italy WhatsApp Number Data ourselves if we were in the best conditions to continue being an irreplaceable brand. The new commercial offering includes the full integration of two recently incorporated companies, Impossible Tellers and Arenalia.

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This is a new line of business LLORENTE & CUENCA

that offers visual experience solutions through graphic design, production and audiovisual consulting. “Impossible Tellers is integrated into LLYC through a new area of ​​​​specialty Iran Telegram Number that will allow it to grow and develop in a more organic way, which we have called Creative Studio, following our commitment to creativity and end-to-end service,” says Llorente. . “Regarding Arenalia, the team led by Oscar Iniesta brings its experience in Product PR, its talent and creativity to a new sector, Lifestyle, which will strengthen our Consumer Engagement offer and the competitiveness of our office in Barcelona.

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