When to use Performance Max campaigns

This means that the advertiser does not have to set all the classic parameters of Google campaigns such as keywords, networks, etc. but only has to provide the platform with the data necessary to allow it to work autonomously thanks to artificial intelligence. In addition to standard configurations such as locations, ad scheduling and overall budget in a Performance. Therefore, Max campaign the advertiser is required to set: CONVERSION OBJECTIVES To create a Performance.

Max campaign

You must select an advertising objective of your choice Czechia B2B List from “ Sales ”, “ Leads ”, “ Website traffic ” or “ Promotions and local store visits ” or create a campaign without an objective. DATA FEED If you have a data feed among those available within the Google Ads platform such as a Google My Business Feed, a Merchant Center Feed, a Dynamic Ads Feed or a Business Data. Therefore, Feed you can use this information within your Performance Max campaign. For example, with a Merchant. Center feed you can decide whether to use the entire product catalog or part of it to show your products within. To modify or delete a notification, simply go to the bottom menu and go to Find out more Settings.  Custom notifications . To deactivate the receipt of a notification, simply click on. The blue tick relating to the notification.

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The Google networks

Shopping, YouTube Display, etc.. CREATIVE ASSETS Up to 5 titles of 30 Philippine Email List characters; Up to 5 long titles of 90 characters; 1 description of 60 characters and a maximum of 4 other descriptions of 90 characters; Up to 15 images. Therefore, (horizontal 1.91 : 1, square 1:1 and vertical Up to 5 logos (1:1 square and 4:1 horizontal) Up to 5 videos that can be integrated from. YouTube (if you don’t have 1 video available, Google will automatically create the videos when possible) 1 call to action The name of the business Up to 1 HTML5 file. For advertisers with a Merchant Center feed, it is not necessary (but still recommended) to provide creative assets to launch a Performance Max campaign.

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