Update More Growth at Altimeter Group

We’re ten months in since I joined Altimeter Group. And we’re continuing to grow, nearly quadrupled from 4 to over 15 folks. I’ll give a brief update. With links to relevant resources. Recently, we’ve hired Susan Etlinger, our first consultant. Who’s going to work closely with Charlene and myself. Clients will get the chance to work with her on projects with me related. To social business. Research on consumer social behaviors. Strategy, and getting your company ready internally. Today we announced bringing on board Marcia Conner. A partner focused on enterprise collaboration.

She stems from consulting

Research on the enterprise space, including learning. Collaboration, microsharing. Think of her as my internal counterpart. Charlene’s book “Open Leadership” (the Groundswell sequel) is going to be on two best seller lists. They are best suited for your executives who need to understand how social can improve leadership. I’ll update this Bahrain WhatsApp Number List post as the book continues to spread. We expanded into a new HQ, which we affectionally call “The Hangar”, (pics) It’s located in the next tower over from our previous building, it’s over 3000 sq feet overlooking the San Mateo hills, open and airy.

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We’re over 15 folks now

Including with a lot of books (the top shelf are books authored by partners) and we’re filling it quickly. Our address is here. Open Research is working. We’re sharing our research reports, webinars, and slides from speeches with the market –not hiding it behind a paywall. As you share it, more interest increases (see numbers), fueling our Germany Telegram Number ability to do more research. Thank you for your help. We’re still getting ‘ink‘ in press and media articles and continue to take briefings from vendors doing interesting things. In some bad news, my dog @GoodBoyRumba isn’t allowed in the Hangar (says the property manager), despite Rumba’s intentions to be a proud mascot.

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