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Uber Australia Contact Numbers

Uber is a transportation network company. If you would like to find out more about the company and its services, you can visit their official contact us page.

You can find Uber Australia contact numbers here if you want to contact the customer care representatives of the company. You will also get the local address and the direct telephone number of different departments of the company.

Uber Australia Customer Services Number List


Uber Services


Australia Contact Numbers


Customer Support


1300 091 272


Uber is a taxi cab, peer-to-peer ridesharing, food delivery and transport network company. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company has its operations in 633 cities globally. It was founded in March 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp.

Uber has been prominent in the sharing economy, and the changes in industries as a result of it are referred to as Uberisation. The key people of the company are Garrett Camp, Dara Khosrowshahi and Thuan Pham.

Uber has over 75 million riders along with 3 million drivers all over the world. It has completed 4 billion trips in 2017. Also, the number of daily trips completed by Uber is 15 million. As of 2017, it has over 16,000 employees. You can easily access Uber platform via their website or mobile app.

The best thing about Uber Australia is its drivers know all about the cities and where to go, and you can pay for your ride in a cashless manner effortlessly. Uber strives to give the best in class services to its customers. This company is proficient in offering the best car-hire and carpool across the world. Apart from this, the company provides exceptional customer services. If you want to get in touch with the executives, you can call them on the customer service number.


Ways to Contact Uber Customer Services

You can get in contact with the company in many ways. Mentioned below are some of the methods.

  1. Call on their customer service contact number.
  2. You can contact them through their app.
  3. Get Web support by visiting help.uber.com.
  4. Have a face to face chat with representatives at Uber Greenlight locations.
  5. Check-in to their social media channels.
  6. Visit their contact us

For more information about Uber, visit its official website.

Uber Australia Services 2018


Uber services include:

Uber Freight

This free app matches carriers with shippers. With just a tap, you can book the load you want to haul. The carriers will be paid within 7 days and the price that is shown in the app. Once you sign up, the app displays the price Uber will pay you and the load details.  You can contact Uber freight by sending them an email at freight-carrier@uber.com for carriers and freight-shipper@uber.com for shippers. If you have any general enquiries, you can email them at freight@uber.com.

Uber Health

Through Uber health, health care providers can arrange rides for patients to and from their appointments. Also, Uber drivers don’t know which passengers are using Uber health for the compliance with U.S. health privacy law. They appear like any other passenger to the driver. Patients without smartphones can receive pickup information by a paper printout from the provider’s office or via SMS. Moreover, Uber health is cost-effective.

How it works: A healthcare associate books a ride using the Uber Health dashboard for those in need. It could be on demand or for a future ride. After that, the patient or passenger is contacted by text or call with the trip details. They are notified once the ride is booked and also when the driver is on the way to pick them up. Then, the passenger is picked up and dropped off according to the schedule. Have any question about Uber health, email them at support@health.uber.com.

Uber Eats

Uber eats is a food delivery service started by Uber in August 2014. You can book food from your favorite local restaurants or diners and have them delivered to you through Uber.

You can also earn money by delivering the foods to the customers. You need to partner with Uber Eats, and you can deliver according to your schedule. You can use your car, bike, or scooter for delivery. It’s quite simple. Visit the website or download the app now to sign up for Uber Eats.

You can download the app from Google Play or App store.

Uber business

You can drive with Uber for some extra money. It offers you full flexibility and can drive according to your schedule. If you want to drive with Uber, you need to be at least 21 years of age. You should have access to a vehicle that meets Uber’s vehicle requirements. You must have a valid driver’s license and held a license for at least 12 months. Also, you must be listed as an insured driver and provide all the necessary documents required to the company.

Types of rides:

Economy: This is an affordable everyday ride for up to 4 people. It includes uberX, uberXL and uberSELECT.

UberX offers a ride in comfortable sedans and can have up to 4 people. UberXL can fit up to 6 people or extra luggage comfortably. It is also quite affordable. You can get vans or SUVs with uberXL. With uberSELECT, you can have a low-cost ride with a touch of luxury. It can fit up to 4 people and has high-rated drivers.

Premium: This is a luxurious ride and will definitely help you in making an entrance. It includes UberBLACK, UberSUV and UberLUX.

UberBLACK offers high-end rides with professional drivers. You will get a high-end black car for this. UberSUV provides luxury SUVs that can fit up to 6 people. You will get professional drivers with these too. UberLUX offers stylish and high-end cars with professional drivers.

Accessibility: This ride is accessible for wheelchairs or comes equipped with car seats.

Carpool: This is a carpooling service launched by Uber in 2014. You can share your ride with others so the cost can also be cut short.

Why Ride With Uber?

  • Riding with Uber is hassle-free. Just with a tap of the button, you can book a ride. Just choose your ride and set your location. You can see vehicle details and driver’s picture, and you can also track the ride’s arrival on the map.
  • The Uber service is available for 24/7. You can ride at any time of the day and any day of the year.
  • You can easily rate your driver and ride. Your feedback helps the company to make the services better. Also, you can give anonymous feedback.

Why Drive With Uber?

  • Driving with Uber Australia is quite flexible. You can set your own schedule and can drive any time, day or night, 365 days a year.
  • You will be paid well with Uber. The trip fares start with a base amount and then increase with time and distance. Moreover, when the demand is higher than usual, you can earn more with dynamic pricing.
  • You can efficiently use the app for the locations unknown to you. When on the trip, you’ll get turn-by-turn directions, be able to find areas of high demand and get 24/7 support. It is all available on the app.

Uber Australia Updated Contact Numbers 2018

If you have any query or complaints, you can call the company on their updated contact number 1300 091 272.

You can also visit their FAQs and have your queries answered there.

Also, if you want to have a face-to-face chat with the company’s representatives, Uber has Greenlight locations throughout the country. This includes Greenlight hubs and Greenlight spots. Greenlight hub is dedicated to helping you speak with an Uber expert in Australia. This facility is available for both new as well as current drivers-partners.

Uber Operating Hours (2018)

You can make a call to Uber in their operating hours to get in touch with their representatives to obtain details regarding their services.

Their customer service is available 7 days a week and you can call them from 10 am to 6 pm.

Complaint or Feedback

Uber endeavors to give the best services to its customers. But, if you have any complaint or query regarding any service, you can contact the company right away. Uber always welcomes your feedback and ratings. You can contact the representatives by calling their customer service representative or sign-up in your app. You can give your feedback after every ride you take with them. You can also call the company on the updated Uber customer service phone number Australia.  Make sure to provide to provide your booking ID so that the company can contact you back and resolve your issue by improving its services.

Uber Contact  via Social Media

You can also contact the company by visiting their social media channels. Here are the links to their social media accounts.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram

You can post your query on the Uber twitter, but it is not the best way to get a quick response. If you want to get a response quickly, call on their updated customer service number.


Riders FAQs


  • Why can’t I sign in to my account?

If you are facing any trouble in signing in to your account, it must be because you forgot your password. Reset your password and try again.

If still, you are not able to sign in to your account, visit the company’s help page and let them know about your issue. They will revert to you as soon as possible.

  • Why can’t I request a ride?

You cannot request a ride:

  • If you have an outstanding payment
  • If your payment method was declined on a previous trip
  • If Uber is currently unavailable in your area
  • If there is no driver in your area
  • You haven’t confirmed your phone number or email.

If you don’t have any, you may need to update your account settings.

  • Why is there an outstanding charge on my Uber payment account?

When a payment method of your account is either unused for several days or recently added, then Uber will validate your account by the issuance of temporarily licensed holds.

Licensed holds are small amounts of money that are indeed not charged to your account. Despite that, you may observe one of these amounts as pending in your account. After the completion of your first trip, this licensed hold is converted to a charge for your trip fare.

  • What if I suspect my account has been hacked?

Once you feel any suspected activity related to your Uber account, just follows these steps:

  • Select help from the app menu.
  • Just tap on ‘I can’t sign in’ or ‘forgot password.’
  • Follow the instructions given there to create a unique and new password.

If you are unable to sign in, visit the company’s help page.

Partners FAQs


  • Can I use a rental car for the delivery?

Yes, if your rental vehicle is a part of an approved partnership for drivers. If you use an unapproved rental car, it can result in permanent deactivation.

  • How is delivery requests created?

The customers can place an order at any time. They select the food they want, and the app automatically collects payment on behalf of the restaurant. Then, the Uber system assigns the delivery request to a delivery partner near the restaurant.

  • Where and when will I get the most delivery requests?

The highest demand occurs around lunch (generally 11 am to 2 pm) and dinner (5 pm to 9:30 pm).

Also, there can be a high demand, when it’s raining. And, you are likely to get the delivery in locations that have more Uber eats restaurants. When you log into your driver app, busy areas are marked with higher boost multiples.

Moreover, Uber will occasionally communicate with you via SMS, email, and in-app messages about promotions, high-demand area, peak times, etc.

  • Why am I not receiving delivery requests?

It could be for one or both of the following reasons:

  • The demand is low, and the company is not receiving many requests. Consider coming back online during busy hours like lunch and dinner.
  • They have more delivery partners in your current location. Consider changing your location to receive more delivery requests.

Uber Eats FAQs


  • What is Uber eats?

Uber eat is a food delivery platform by Uber that makes getting food delivered to you as easy as requesting a ride.

  • When and where is Uber Eats available?

You can avail Uber Eats service at any time of the day as it available 24*7.

You can see the restaurants in your area by visiting their app.

  • How can I use Uber eats?

First, download the app from App Store or Google Play and add your delivery address. Then, choose from the full menu of best Uber eats restaurants around you. Lastly, place your order and follow along as your meal is prepared and delivered.

  • How much does Uber eats cost?

Uber eats offer meals at varying prices. The delivery fee is based on several factors. But, the best part is you’ll see the fee upfront. So, you know what you’re paying.

Note: Prices and offers on the website and the app may differ from prices and offers in the restaurant.

  • What is the delivery fee?

The delivery fee is a charge you pay to restaurants for each delivery.

  • How do I add a promo code to my order?

If you want to apply a specific promo code, enter the code at the bottom of the checkout screen. The promo code cannot have already been added to the account.

  • How do I share my code to avail a discount?

To share the code with your friends, you need to use the share buttons on the Free Food page. Or, you can copy/paste the text into social media, emails or anywhere else. When you friend places an order using your code, you will receive the discount.

  • Am I eligible for alcohol delivery through Uber Eats?

For alcohol delivery, you must be of 18 years and age. If you cannot prove age with an ID, you will be refused alcohol delivery. You must also not be intoxicated if you want an alcohol delivery.

Note: The alcohol delivery hours are between 12 pm and 9 pm.

Uber Freight FAQ


For Drivers


  • How do I get started with freight?

If you own a DOT or MC number and are an authorized carrier, you need to sign up with Uber freight by visiting their website. After that, they will contact you to submit your carrier onboarding documents. As soon as they approve, you can get started. The process usually takes a few days. However, if you drive for a carrier, ask them to sign up before you can use freight.

  • How does the app work?

Before using the app, you must sign up. The app lists loads that you can book right away from your phone. However, once you book a load, the load is confirmed for you. So, only book the load that you are willing to take.

  • What kind of freight are they moving?

Uber freight is moving 53’ dry van and reefer and thinking of expanding to more types of freight moving forward.

  • How can I get in touch with Uber freight if I have a problem?

You can contact Uber freight by sending an email to their carrier support team at freight-carrier@uber.com.

For Carriers

  • What is Uber freight and how does it work?

It is an app that matches carriers with shippers. Carriers can book the load by a tap of a button and receive the amount that is shown in the app. The app will show you the load details and the price you will be paid. Sign up and submit your information. Just download the Uber freight application from Google Play or App Store.

  • What does Uber freight pay for accessorial for loads booked on the app?

For detention, you will be paid $75 per hour.

For layover, you will be paid $300 per day.

For truck order not used, the charges are $200 + $2 per mile deadhead.

Driver assist will be paid $75 per load.

For terms and conditions, visit their official website.

  • How to get started with Uber freight?

First, you need to sign up and tell the company about your business. To complete the signup, you’ll need to sign a contract, submit your insurance and provide your banking information.

  • What information does Uber freight require?

You should have an active DOT or MC number. You must provide them with your bank account information and proof of insurance. There shouldn’t be any conditional or unsatisfactory safety rating.

  • When do I get paid?

Uber pay carriers within 7 days of receiving an accepte4d proof of delivery.

  • Who is eligible and how do I sign up?

Any carrier can download the free app that can be used to book loads by drivers who are authorized to book their own loads.

As a carrier, you need to sign up and submit your information. Once you are approved, you can add your drivers.

For Shippers


  • What is Uber freight and how does it work?

Uber freight will connect you with more carriers. It works with shippers looking to move forward dry van and refrigerated shipments. They work with thousands of vetted carriers and are committed to taking your business forward. You will get more transparency and efficiency with Uber freight.

  • How to sign up for Uber freight?

Visit the website to fill the signup form or email them at freight@uber.com.

  • How far in advance can Uber freight tender a shipment?

They can book a shipment week in advancement or handle the same day freight.

Uber Health FAQs


  • What is Uber health?

Uber health is a web-based dashboard that allows hospitals and other healthcare professionals to request, manage and pay for rides for others. It is a HIPAA-complaint technology solution that is specifically designed to meet healthcare privacy and security standards.

Many organizations use this platform to help get people to and from the care they need, and to get staff to and from work.

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