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Transwa Contact
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Transwa Contact Number Tips

Transwa Helpline AU Contact Numbers
 Transwa Customer Service General Queries +61(0)292559200
 Transwa Customer Service Booking Local (0) 282281535
Customer Service Booking International +44 2033202609
Transwa Customer Service Inquiry 1800058744


Transwa Overview

Transwa is the leading transport service in the regions of Western Australia. It is providing the connection to more than 270 destinations within Australia. The company is offering the connecting links between the destinations like Kalbarri located in the north and Augusta falling in the Southern regions. Along with this it also connects the west to the south-east as you may get connections to Esperance from the western part of Australia.

Transwa services are providing the transport services to the various business centres like as Bunbury, Northam, Kalgoorlie, Albany, and Geraldton. The customers reaching the company can easily find the supports regarding the transport booking as well as information within Australia. This is the most credible agency for booking transport either willing to travel by road or by rails. The customers can easily book the seats by calling on the Transwa contact numbers or can reach on the email or at the local centres. The company is offering a connection to more than 240 places via the regional rail and coach services. Transwa Contact Phone Number & Customer Support 1300 662 205.

Transwa was launched in the year of 2003 on 28th of May with the objective to provide the simple transport booking and other travelling facilities for the customers. This came into existence after it was launched in place of the Western Australia Government Railways Commission. This is an organization operating under the Public Transport Authority that is operating in the four different divisions. The four rail services operating under Transwa are connecting the various destinations in all the directions. The major rail lines operating under the Transwa are:

  • Australind: That goes from Perth to Bunbury operating as the southwestern railways
  • Avon Link: It is connecting East Perth to Northam.
  • Merredin Link: This is the extension of the Avon link and provides connection once a week to Merredin
  • Prospector Link: This route is connecting the East port to Kalgoorlie region.

These four are the major links that are connecting the different location in a safe and convenient manner. The traveller can reach on the Transwa contact phone number to get all the details about these rail transports.

Along with this Transwa Support is also providing the road based conveyance service for the travellers looking for the different connection on more than 13 routes. These road routes are the safe and continent medium to get the public transport services.  The travellers can easily connect on the Transwa Helpline to know more about the routes available transports and time schedule. In most of the cases the travellers are getting the connection to their desire place well within time and as per their convenience. The Transwa services have made its place among the travelling services provider as it has made a place in the top list of the transport booking with positive factors like connecting routes, available links and on-time running. The passengers are getting the connections to their desired destination as per preferences and which makes it stand out among the public transport service providers. The travellers can easily find the relevant information by getting in touch with them on the Transwa Contact Phone Number.


Transwa Contact for bookings

The best part about Transwa is that it is not only offering the option for rail transport booking but also operates on the road routes that offer convenient and safe journey options for the passengers. It offers the traveller to book their seat either by calling from Australia as well as from the overseas which makes it easier for the passengers to reach their destinations easily.
Transwa is a travel agency which links you to the best travelling options in Australia. Road coaches and subways are the two main services that they provide. They act as a mediator between customers and the travel industry of Australia. If you are looking to book a trip then it is best that you use Transwa for it. There are two different helplines that you can call for booking your travel. One is the Transwa contact for customers within Australia, which is 1300 662 205. And the second one is the Transwa contact for its overseas customers. If you are in some other country and are planning to come to Australia soon then you can use this number instead 61 8 9326 2600.

Transwa Administration Services

Transwa support is unmatched as the standards in offering the quality services for travellers looking to book the rail or road transport. Those looking for the commercial or business logistics or regular transport services can get in touch with Transwa contact for administration services. This helps you in getting all the information that travellers are looking for the business or commercial use.
If you are looking to get in touch with the administration section of Transwa then this part is a must-read. The administration is a team of well-versed individuals. They are not only highly trained but are some of the best in the industry. Travellers can get in touch with the Transwa contact administration team if you are looking to use their services for a business or maybe if you are looking to use it for the long term than the normal one-time hiring. The Transwa contact for this team is (08) 9326 2000. This number can be used within Australia only.

Comment Line

Transwa is quite diligent about the customer satisfaction part and is curious to listen to the complaints or any sort of the grievances that the passengers may have with the company. The Transwa customer service is always there to provide all sorts of assistance in rectifying the issues faced by the customers. They can be approached either by the phone contact or by email or via the comments made on the different sites.

Do you have any comments or compliments for the Transwa services that you hired? Then this is the team that you want to contact. The comment line can also be called the customer feedback helpline. This allows you to report any good or bad experience that you might have had during your trip to the Transwa team. The Transwa contact number for this particular team is 13 62 13. The line is available 24 hours to provide best possible assistance.

Contacting Transwa via an email


If you find it difficult to reach the Transwa contact via any of the phone numbers or other connections you may reach the company via online.  If you feel more comfortable in contacting the Transwa team by their email address then you might want to take these contact details in the account. The first is the general inquiry Transwa contact which is This email address will help you get all the answers to your general queries about Transwa services. The second on the list is the Transwa contact for group booking facility. If you are looking to take a trip with your friends and family then you can book your trip with this alternative email address. The contact email address is You must remember that a group in Transwa word includes more than 10 passengers. The group facility is one of the most considered services for the users looking for a family package and related support in bookings.


Available Services by Transwa

 The customers are reaching the company for various reasons including the transport booking to commercial booking as well as their complaints. The company has floated the different phone numbers for various purposes along the online connects and local offices for facilitating the travellers. The users may get the booking information on either of the numbers that are meant for the Australian as well as the overseas passengers.

Transwa offers to book for all the routes detailed on the sites and routes as provided on the site. Along with this, the customers may get services regarding the business or commercial purposes as required about the Administrative support through phone, fax or email. Along with this, the users can get in touch with the customer’s support by endorsing in the comment line on the website at Those looking for the business support shall reach out the company on the official business page of Transwa that is

While contacting the customer support for different purposes it must be kept in mind that the support hours for availing the customer support are in between 8.30 am to 4.00 am on the weekdays at Monday to Friday, and from 8.30 am to 4.30 pm at on Saturday. The customers can also reach the support team on Sundays in between 10.00 am to 4.00 pm for any of their queries.


Transwa Important information: 

General Enquiries:
Group Bookings (for 10 or more passengers):

Address: Public Transport Centre, West Parade, East Perth WA 6004
Postal Address: Transwa P.O. Box 8125 Perth Business Centre WA 6849
General Enquiries:


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