To Understand Your Market Harness

Each time I ask this question on stage. Most hands vote that Facebook has more information. Although someone usually suggests the United States Governmant can obtain it if they need to. In fact, the amount of consumer data emerging in the social web only continues. To hockey stick (see this graphic from Twitter) The following is a summary of. A research project we did to understand how to harness new data types in their online experiences. The 7 Elements of Social Data The 7 Elements of Social Data . Therefore, We segmented data that has been tried and true for years on the top tier: demographics and product.

We segmented data

That digital marketers are striving to tackle now in the middle tier: Pschographic, behaviroial, and refferal data. At the bottom tier, we listed out experimental new types of data that most companies have not harnessed, the newcommers Brazil Phone Number List location based and intention data. Demographic Data This data types enables an effecient way to create context about consumers, yet broad survey-based research may not yield specific nuances and needs about specific individual taste as today’s consumers are given more choices and have more discrete needs. Some marketers are able to glean demographic.

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Data from social

Accounts gender, age range, by profile data, profile pictures, or searching public records like Zabasearch and Spokeo. Product Data A data Spain Phone Number List type commonly used in ecommerce websites, this data type is used to match similar products with each other, in order to cross-sell and up-sell products. Often combined with demographic data, this data type, mixed with referral and behaviorial data yields greater accuracy. Visit any ecommerce website from Amazon, BestBuy and beyond to find examples of product matching. Psychographic Data As the social web exploded in the past few years, consumers are volunteraily self.

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