This platform also allows you

Is a unique text automation platform that allows you to send automatic replies to all incoming messages. It is very useful for organizations to deliver the correct answers and update their list based on the key wordsin the incoming message.

By using this platform, many

Companies have witnessed increased brand Chinese Malaysia Phone Number List  loyalty. You can submit targeted responses by selecting appropriate keywords from the library.

When any customer sends an SMS, they are automatically added to the list and you can also organize them in the list according to the keywords they send. If any customer unsubscribes, the contact will be automatically removed from the list.

Offers support for around  countries

Special Database

Allowing you to send responses to your global customers Phone Number AU  at no additional charge. If you want to respond to customers from the United States, you will have to pay a price of $0.049 per SMS.


puts your text service on autopilot and helps you focus on other important tasks. Slick Text’s automated workflow serves as the main feature of this platform that allows you to send automated and personalized text based on customer behavior.

to create an auto text chain through SMS drip messages, and you can send them at different intervals to clients.

To help you achieve a high customer retention rate. Slick Text provides you with an autoresponder feature. This feature sends automatic responses when a customer sends a text message with a unique keyword or joins a text messaging program.

Scheduling text messages

for clients is also easy with SlickText. You can also use your recurring text message, where the platform will automatically send messages at regular intervals.

Another big advantage of this platform is its pricing, with the basic plan starting at $29 per month for 500 text messages.

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