The State and Future of the Social Media

We strive to disclose our client relationships, some which are listed in the following post, read Altimeter’s disclosures page. Research Summary: Growth in Vendors and Market Demand –Yet Space Is Immature Social Media Management Systems, like CMS systems for websites, these SMMS systems (see list of all vendors) help companies manage, maintain, and measure thousands of social media accounts, are the next growth market for the social business category. While saturation is at 58% of corporate buyers, the average deal size is a meager $22,000 but will expect to grow to six figure annual.

Deals in coming quarters

To meet market demand. This growing space has low barriers to entry, which result in a flood of clones, but expect only a handful to remain after a shakeout to serve enterprise-class buyers. Buyers and investors should focus Honduras Phone Number List on vendors that understand business –not just technology, offer services and reliable SLA, and deep integration with other social systems. In the future, this technology set will mature to grow into a data company that will extend it’s scope beyond simple Facebook and Twitter and impact how marketers approach the market, product innovation, and supply chain.

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Although the nascent

Social Media Management System space is only one year old, 58% of corporations have adopted at least one of these 28 vendors] Altimeter Italy Phone Number List is conducting a formal research report on the SMMS topic (see research agenda for 2011), However, I wanted to give a year end state, after coining this category 12 months ago and listing out vendors, read the List of Social Media Management Systems Social Media Management Systems: Market Saturation and Deal Sizes for 2010-2011 Above Graphic: Market Saturation and Average Deal Size of the Social Media Management Systems.

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