The possibilities of video series

 And therefore longer and slow-pac videos are suitable for this . On the other hand. someone who is just in the Reach phase nes something that quickly arouses interest. So if the video has been us in the Reach phase. it can be stat that it no longer provides add value when moving to the Act phase. However. the video material of the product introduction video us in the Act phase can be cut and it into a fast-pac. interesting advertising video suitable for the Reach phase.

The most important task

 In the reach phase. of the video is to attract the viewer’s attention and make him click on b2b email list the advertising link. Hyvinkää doesn’t have much time to convince the viewer. even just a few seconds. Read more about how to engage your viewers right from the start of your video . In most channels. the video starts without sound. so please pay attention to the subtitles as well.

Duration for the video of this

The optimal stage is 5-30 seconds. In the Act phase. you want to engage the viewer with the service. product or Phone Number AU brand. That is why it is essential in the video to remove obstacles to the purchase. which can be very different depending on the buyer persona. The optimal duration for the Act phase video is 1-5 minutes. The video can be. for example. a product or service presentation that describes the features or an explanatory video that explains what problem the product or service solves and how.

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