Joe&Seph’s presents gourmet popcorn that makes the difference

Is there a better snack than popcorn for a relaxing afternoon watching your favorite series? Yeah! Those offered by the exclusive English brand Joe&Seph’s . Joe&Seph’s presents since its inception, the firm wanted to go further by starting to use a different, unique (and secret) production process for flavored popcorn. Its objective? Bring to England what Joseph Sopher , its founder, had bought so many times on her regular trips to the United States for his family and that was not yet there: popcorn of many and very rich flavors but even better than the existing ones.

To obtain a superior result

it was necessary to innovate in the production process, starting to use 100% natural products. So, if the traditional British way of making them was Spain Phone Number Data using a mixture of oil and sugar, Sopher turned it around and tried inflating the corn with air and then bathing it in caramel made from natural butter, giving a richer and healthier result . Once he discovered the base with which his popcorn would acquire all the flavor in the best possible way, Sopher realized that it was also possible to achieve a new sequence of flavors on the palate at different intervals , bite after bite, all thanks to its exclusive cooking technique.

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Increasingly expand the range

This allowed him to of flavors, and after much trial and error, he managed to come up with truly surprising and disparate creations with Italy Phone Number List ingredients such as goat cheese or chocolate among many others. The prestige of the brand as such culminated in 2010, when Joseph Sopher, his wife and his eldest son decided to present their innovative creations at a gastronomic festival in which, in just two days, they managed to sell out. Shortly after, they obtained their first prestigious sales list, a fact that marks the birth of the Joe&Seph’s brand. Little by little, and with the help of their small team of chefs in London, they have been creating and testing new combinations, achieving the more than 60 flavors that they currently have for all tastes and more than 10 caramel sauces to add. to the dishes you want.

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