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He has also work in duos with Sabina, El Tri, Rosario, Charly García (it is still not clear to me who I heard the version of Us continue hitting below first , him or García), Alejandro Lerner, Manolo García, Fito Páez, Aterciopelados and a very long etcetera that overflows with vinyl, cassettes, CDs, bluerays. If memory serves, he visit Peru in 1998. It was at the Callao stadium, for the first time I was able to appreciate the professionalism of a musician (band, sounds, lights) everything fit together, was monitor perfectly, The appearance of the superstar was plann to the millimeter.

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And the lights went off and on and off again and that burning rocker voice was heard, almost whispering the verses and shimmying through precise passages, the body that accompanies the melodies never exaggerates the movement, it goes exactly, without poses, because that is Miguel Ríos’ talent, that of being authentic, that of being an old rocker. Favorite son b2b leads of many Spanish cities, honorary doctor of a few others, television presenter, godfather of budding bands, eternal rock alchemist. That futuristic computer love still sounds for us, while we often tend to remember someone and give our days at the top of our lungs so that we can still toast with the memory of when we roam free on the roads and listen to the song made into joy, while Ríos follows us welcoming us, his children, the children of rock and roll.

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The absurd is install in the daily course of our lives. It is express in a resounding and overwhelming way (the latter is literal) in a service that millions of Peruvians use to transport Phone Number AU themselves every day: the Metropolitan Transportation System. But what does Kafka have to do with here, the Czechoslovakian writer, author of The Metamorphosis , and from whose surname the term “Kafkaesque” is deriv? This is the point: this expression is us to refer to a situation in which the meaningless, the dark and the indecipherable cipher of the sinister converge.

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