The keys for a brand to succeed on YouTube

The keys YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, with more than five billion videos viewed daily. Specifically, in Spain, there are 28 million users per month, and viewers between 25 and 44 years old consume 50 minutes a day of content, which includes information from different brands. This social network is an ideal platform to make yourself known, however, “despite all these advantages, there are many companies that still do not see YouTube as a perfect tool to take advantage of its enormous potential for reach and dissemination.

Create a YouTube channel

Anyone with internet access can , but not everyone manages to meet their goals. «This platform has experienced a boom as a result of the emergence of influencers. This means Italy Email List that there is a high amount of content , but not always with the most appropriate quality. Thus, in the same way that video bloggers have to create different and professional videos, it is important that brands know tricks to position their content in the best possible way,” added Aldea. The advantages of video marketing are many for brands.

Email Data

Offering greater credibility

Interacting with the consumer”, to “expressing a lot in a small space or having the viral effect”, but you have to know how to do it well, according to the person in Singapore Phone Number List charge. global datasocial. Taking into account the quality of the content , datasocial has given the keys to increase and improve the traffic achieved on the YouTube channel , allowing “a positioning that results in a greater number of users and, therefore, a greater reach of the messages and an increase in the ability to get clients”: 1. Use marketed titles with a maximum of 60 characters. 2. Write complete and detailed metadata that follows keyword formats and strategies.

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