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St. George Bank Overview

st george bank contact

St. George Bank, headquartered in Sydney, Australia was founded originally as a building society in 1937. St. George established the St. George Foundation on 1989 with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of the future of Australia, its children. St. George Foundation currently funds around 800 community organisations that aren’t big enough to attract significant fundraising income.  The focus of the foundation are physically, socially, and economically-disadvantaged children.

The institution acquired its full banking status in 1992. As a breakthrough leader in technology, St. George was the first bank in Australia to introduce SMS alerts, way back in 2004. In a 2008 merger, St. George Bank became part of the Westpac Banking Group. St. George Bank, now one of the major operating divisions of the Westpac Group, contributes greatly to the institution.

St. George is well known in the banking industry as a bank that gives exceptional service and provides innovative and award-winning products.  They currently serve both retail and business clients.

St. George is an award-winning bank, having won Best Cash Management Business Bank in 2011’s Australian Banking and Finance Corporate & Business Banking Awards 2011.

St. George Bank adheres to standards and business principles, as set out by a set of guidelines that cover the areas of governance and ethics, employee and customer practices, community involvement, and supply chain management.

St. George believes in responsible banking and responsible lending.  Responsible banking includes educating customers about improving their financial literacy and assisting customers in managing their finances, particularly during times of financial hardship.

The vision of St. George is to be Australia’s most recommended and most respected bank.  In order to get there, they have zeroed in on three big priorities: (1) responsible banking and issues of concern to local communities, (2) sustainability governance, and (3) environmental footprint management.  Part of sustainability governance communicating their commitments to the general public and strengthening their customer-centric approach. In order to manage their environmental footprint, they will drive reduced costs, foster innovation, and make St. George a great company to work for.

St. George Customer Service

St. George’s commitment to put customers first is something that they take very seriously. St. George customer service is exemplary, and all employees are encouraged to live up to that reputation each and every day that they come to work. The institution has made a list of practical ways on how to make customers their priority:

1. Accessibility of Services

St. George strives to design their products and services in a way that the whole community can access.

2. Customer Security

St. George protects their clients against fraud by providing advanced and industry-standard detection of fraudulent transactions.

3. Award-winning products

The best possible service and greatest range of products have been recently recognised.

4. Discounted banking for community groups

5. Resolving complaints quickly and fairly

There are ready-made procedures and guidelines for registering a complaint.

6. Helping hearing and vision-impaired customers

Accessibility options for customers with special needs is a priority, including offering a range of products especially suited for people with special needs.

7. Multi-lingual ATMs

Due to the diverse population in New South Wales, St. George has installed Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, and Italian language options in their ATMs.

St. George offers a myriad of services for personal accounts. Customers can choose from various types of bank accounts: transaction accounts, savings accounts, interest rates, or maxi saver.  St. George also offers home loans, credit cards, and personal loans.  Personal loans can be secured or unsecured.  Personal customers can also get insurance coverage: home and contents insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, and life insurance.  St. George also offers their individual clients investment products.  They give valuable financial advice and could manage a customer’s financial portfolio.

St. George is committed to helping out businesses by offering products and services such as bank accounts, credit cards, super and insurance, and options for international payments and foreign exchange solutions.  St. George also offers business clients various payment solutions: EFTPOS solutions, Mobile PayWay, or eCommerce solutions.  Their business loans include vehicle and equipment finance, small business loans, and business maximiser.

Business owners also get a myriad of benefits when they bank with St. George such as access to Business Connect, a highly-skilled team of business bankers, a provision of business banking apps, free office space at St. George Business Hub, and free tax and legal advice.

St. George also offers a variety of corporate products and services which include Business solutions, Transaction Banking, and International Transactions.

St. George offers online services for personal banking and business banking transactions. Personal accounts can be accessed through internet banking, mobile banking, internet banking, and wearables. Internet banking transactions for personal banking includes paying bills and transferring funds between accounts or to anyone overseas. Mobile banking features include simplified login, Quick Balance, and Cardless Cash. Individuals may access their account balanced from their Apple Watch, Sony SmartWatch2, and Samsung Gear 2.

St. George Bank Contact Number

Here is a list of the top St. George Bank phone numbers:

Services Contacts
General enquiries 13 33 30
Business banking 133 800
St. George phone banking 13 33 22
Report a lost or stolen card 1800 028 208 (within Australia)

+61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

Personal banking general enquiries 13 33 30
Personal banking request a cheque book 13 33 30

+61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

Personal banking account information 13 33 30

+61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

Business banking 133 800

+61 2 9155 7800

Business banking customer service
Business banking account information
Business loan enquiries
Merchant enquiries
Internet and Phone banking Helpdesk 1300 555 203 (within Australia)

+61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

Internet and Phone banking Helpdesk from overseas 1300 555 203 (within Australia)

+61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

Business Banking Online Helpdesk 1300 554 004 (within Australia)

8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday, Sydney time
+61 2 9155 7818 (from overseas)

Report a lost or stolen credit card 1800 028 208

+61 2 9155 7800

BT Super for Life 1300 653 553
GPO Box 3958Sydney NSW 2001
Financial hardship 1800 629 795

Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM

Sydney time

National relay service for deaf, hearing, or speech impaired customers 133 677 then ask for 133 700

1300 555 727 then ask for 133 700

Financial counsellor acting on behalf of a customer 1800 629 795

Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM

Sydney time

Media relations (02) 9236 2777
Electronic Banking – Personal Banking 13 33 30
Electronic Banking – Register for Phone and Internet Banking 13 33 30
Electronic Banking – Phone Banking Helpdesk 13 33 30

+61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

Internet Banking Helpdesk 1300 555 203

+61 2 9155 7800

Business Banking Online Helpdesk 1300 554 004

8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Friday Sydney time

+61 2 9155 7800 (from overseas)

Electronic Banking – Merchant Services 1300 650 977

8 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday Sydney time

New and Existing Load/Credit card enquiries 13 33 30

(say ‘new personal loan’ when prompted, or say ‘existing personal loan’ when prompted

Personal Loan 13 33 30

(say ‘new card’ when prompted, or say ‘existing card’ when prompted

Home Loan 13 33 30

(say ‘new home loan’ when prompted, or say ‘existing home loan’ when prompted

Business Loan 133 800
Opening a Savings account 13 33 30 (say ‘new account’ when prompted)
Transaction accounts 13 33 30 (say ‘new account when prompted)
High-interest accounts 1300 301 020
Business accounts 133 800

8 AM – 6PM Monday to Friday Sydney Time

Contact a Financial Planner 1300 889 637

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM (AEST) Monday to Friday

St. George Bank Margin Lending 1300 304 065

8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Saturday Sydney Time

Advance Funds Management 1800 819 935

8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Saturday

Sydney Time

Insurance 13 33 30 (say ‘new insurance’ when prompted)


Contact St. George Bank

St. George values what their customers think and have created a myriad of ways for customers to communicate with them.  They welcome complaints, suggestions, and compliments.  St. George listens to what customers have to say if they are not happy with an aspect of their experience – and the bank is more than willing to put things right.  

When it comes to complaints, suggestions, and feedback, St. George Bank contact phone number is 13 33 30, available all throughout Australia.

Customers may also send an email at or send a letter by post to this address: St. George Customer Experience, Reply Paid 5265, Sydney, NSW, 2001.

St. George is also active on social media. Like St. George’s Facebook page (St. George Bank) where customers get updates, latest news, and promotions. Contact St. George through Twitter (@StGeorgeBank).  The Twitter page is available 24/7. St. George also has LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.  

For deaf or hearing/speech impaired customers, they can contact St. George through the National Relay service (13 33 30).

For further inquiries, access the FAQs page in the St. George Bank website or connect via the St. George Mobile banking app to get faster support.

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