Shopify Phone Number
Shopify Phone Number
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24 Hours


24 Hours


24 Hours

Shopify Support Contact Number Tips

Shopify Helpline AU Contact Numbers
Customer Service General Queries 03-8400-4750
Customer Service helpline 0800-808-5233
Customer Service Shopify International 1-888-746-7439



Shopify Overview

Shopify Support Shopify is an online based platform that is solely developed for making business across Australia easy. Along with Australia, they have been able to set up businesses in approximately 175 countries. Huge brands like Red Bull, Nestle, GE, Kyle Cosmetics and many moe are have used the services of Shopify support. When there was no internet in the world, it was really hard to get your business recognized in places that are far away from you. Shopify Phone Number – Online Store & Online Business 03-8400-4750.

It needed your physical presence in the places where you needed to market your product or service. You needed a lot of manpower for this concern. A number of people needed to go to different places and do the right type of marketing in the right way. Flyers needed to printed shipped to the places and then distributed. Then came the era of internet and services by Shopify support which is called Shopify Customer Service which proved to be a boon for such people who wanted to expand their businesses over the globe.

They help you in launching a website for your business irrespective of the type of business it is. It has to be remembered that they are not the one who are handling the business, they are just handling the technical aspects of the website. The actual business is performed by the owner if the business.

This Platform also provides the traders with a single office to handle their trading business from through the services provided. It all started in 2006 when Shopify Support platform was released and it got hold of the market in really less time. Hence they are one of the leading service providers in Australia.

Shopify Customer Service & Phone number

As it is known as a fact that it is not possible for a company to have an office in every nook and corner of the world. There are no regional offices in the whole world when one can physically visit. Amongst which, Australia Shopify support has many offices where one can go and personally discuss his needs with the representative present there. Nevertheless, the Shopify Contact Phone Number is 03-8400-4750, which is available 24/7 and you can call anytime. The representative will guide you through the whole process to help you or will redirect you to the related authority if he/she is not able to help you out. For Shopify support, the satisfaction of the customer is of prime and utmost importance. They believe in having good relations with the customers over making a lot of money. Because money can be earned again, but once the relation with a customer gets destroyed, it is really hard to build a new one again.


Shopify Support has created a way to register the customer query and problems and then hook them up with a representative who will support them until and unless the query is answered or the problem is provided with a solution. The business owner can call on the Shopify Helpline whenever they have any issue with the website or they need to add something to the website or take something down from the website. The service provided by the Shopify Customer Service executive is considered one of the best in Australia.

Shopify Support

Shopify Support started as an online business which sold snowboard equipment to the people who loved the sport as the founders of Shopify support did. It was really easy for them to list their products on many of the marketplaces, but instead, they wanted to have a connection with their customers so they continue on their own. In the decade-long process that took them to be there where they are today, they provided the businesses with the exact ingredients that were needed to make their business better in every aspect like from products to orders of the customers to selling the products online and also in the retail stores on the go.

In the last decade, Shopify support has 377,500 active Shopify stores with the sales worth of $29 Billion which is a really big number and a great achievement for a company that started in a coffee shop with only 5 people working in the beginning. Today Shopify support has a team of over 1,900 working in a number of offices in Australia only.  They have been known to be experimenting with the way they work and take a risk every time they are faced with challenges to push the envelope. They have come so far with their own hard work and perseverance. They are really proud of their success and growth and have worked really hard to nurture their values and culture.

Shopify Contact Phone number

The trust of the customer is a really important factor for the company and they strive to earn the customers respect and trust. The customer should be able to reach the company whenever and wherever they need to. The Shopify Customer Service is available for the customer whenever they want it. There is no keeping of the customer hanging while they face with the issues themselves. The company takes the responsibility immediately and get the issues fixed with no losses incurred to the customer’s business.


Shopify Helpline

The Shopify Australia helpline is always on for the customers. There is no waiting for the helpdesk executive to be free, the call is connected right away and the executive is extremely helpful in making you understand the procedures to be followed when some sort of problems occur. The Shopify Helpline contact number is  03-8400-4750 which could be called anytime of the day or night and the line will always be open for you. On the online website of Shopify, you can find frequently asked questions directly and answers to them that are given by the Shopify team that are to the point. The direct link for the Shopify website contact is which could be accessed anytime and you can choose a topic regarding which you need help and get the things done. Even if you don’t feel like talking to the support team or you don’t have time to talk to the team, you can email them and they will send you the whole solution via email.

Shopify Support contact phone number tips

  • Always have the printed format of the request you have done.
  • Tell the exact problem to the helpdesk executive clearly.
  • Take help from Shopify support only and not any other organization.

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Shopify is one of the most important e-Commerce Websites that creates Online Stores for entrepreneurs and offers a Shopify Support and Shopify Customer Service Australia for clients and users at Shopify Headquarters. For a vital role and satisfactory product quality and customer service, Shopify had been cited by Cnet and Fast Company’s List of Most Innovative Companies of 2012. Shopify Phone number is there for more info on the company.

Products & Services of Shopify Australia

Shopify was founded in 2004, and was initially based on earlier software written by its founders for their online snowboard store. The company reports that it has 200,000 merchants using its platform, with total gross merchandise volume exceeding $10 billion. In June 2009, Shopify launched an API platform and App Store and since the establishment, Shopify is playing a very important role in the commerce and e-commerce in Australia. Also, several other companies have developed that integrate their services with Shopify in Australia. Call Shopify Phone number for more.

Shopify Phone Number Customer Supports

Shopify had been serving Australian people via their online e-commerce sites as well as outlets across major cities in Australia. You can find Shopify retail stores at Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. As an immerging role player in the commerce and e-commerce as well, Shopify has a very reputed customer service both at business and virtual contacts. For Australian customers, 03-8400-4750 is the Shopify phone number. Also Shopify phone numbers are available for potential customers from overseas countries like North America, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Singapore which can be found at the online support center at You can also visit the official website of Shopify Australia- Also, online customer support for any enquiries, questions, information, price and billing etc are available via Email Service and Open Live Chat. You can access those services from the contact page of Shopify Australia.

Shopify Phone Number

Contacting Shopify Phone Number

Shopify provides 24/7 support to the potential customers from both Australia and overseas. Also, they have got a rich FAQ section at their web page where you can find the answers of your basic queries and information. A 14 day free trial account is offered at the very beginning of business deals with any customers.

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