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Content and creation Adobe opens registration for the next webinars on March 27 and April 3 at 12 noon. After a successful first month of participation in this day of preparation for the Adobe Summit , the next webinars will delve into the key topics for professionals in the sector, such as the use of tools to improve workflows and increase speed in management of digital assets, as well as the best tips and tools to create personalized customer journeys in real time and on any device that guarantee the best results. Aimed at all managers who carry out Digital Marketing, Campaigns, Web Marketing, IT, Analytics and Ecommerce functions, the webinars will allow attendees to acquire knowledge about the most innovative flows and tools such as Adobe Experience Cloud.

The webinars are free

Held every Wednesday at 12 noon. In order to participate it is necessary to register at the following link . Each webinar offers a different agenda and Germany Email List attendees have the opportunity to interact live with Adobe experts to answer their questions. Content velocity: management of digital assets and workflows. Date: March 27, 2019 At the base of digital experiences is a large amount of multimedia content. Managing it effectively, maintaining customer loyalty and acquiring new ones is now possible: the Adobe Creative Cloud asset management platform helps digital marketers create content and establish collaborative workflows between content creators. content and marketing teams. In a future where everything will be in constant motion, content management that adapts quickly is necessary.

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Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Target

Customers are becoming more and more demanding and demanding better and better experiences. This expectation should not change when moving from one device to another Lebanon Phone Number List or when using a new format. As touchpoints multiply, it is no longer sustainable to create experiences for every screen and every channel. However, with the capabilities of the new content generation platform, more fluid experiences will be offered. Create real-time experiences across devices with Adobe Audience Manager. Date: April 3, 2019 With the help of Adobe Analytics, you can simultaneously create personalized customer journeys in real time and on any device. A poor understanding of and investment in customer analytics could affect the survival of any organization.

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