QBE Insurance contact
QBE Insurance contact
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QBE Insurance Opening Times


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QBE Insurance Contact Number Tips

QBE Insurance Helpline AU Contact Numbers
QBE Insurance Official helpline 800 553 447
Official helpline (overseas) 1800 023 387
Others (Australia) 133 723


QBE Insurance Overview

QBE Insurance is a very renowned company for buying insurances, mutual funds, shares and other equity-related schemes.QBE also offers a wide range of solutions to a confused mind for buying insurances such as home insurances, car insurances, etc. QBE was established in Australia and since then it is a leader in the market of insurances and policies. With a lot of different insurances and minimum interest on them, it has been a number one choice for most of the people looking for the best insurance with affordable prices. QBE was established in the city of Australia. In Australia too, there are different insurance companies and many banks that offer all kinds of insurances, but QBE is one of the best and preferred. QBE Insurance Contact – Phone Number AU | Call Now 800 553 4471.

Let us look at what makes the company one of the leading companies in the field. The most important thing is a prompt to reply to the clients. This includes customer services and solving customer’s query and difficulties. The company has a well-established QBE Insurance customer service. It has various QBE Insurance contact phone numbers for QBE Insurance support including document difficulties, the query regarding the insurances and answer to every question of the client.

Booking Customer Service and phone number

As mentioned earlier in the topic above, the countries are becoming more aware and the standard of living is also rising. People are more towards buying expensive things and thereby prefer insuring them in the case of any harm caused to the thing. So now, it becomes very important to have a back-end team, continuously working on the queries and the problems of the clients facing issues with their representatives or with the claims. When you want to ask something or if you are facing any difficulty regarding using your claims or if you are stuck at some step in the bank procedure and you do not know what to do, you can straightaway call the QBE Insurance Customer Service and ask for assistance.

Have you ever wanted to take insurance but feel it’s too complicated to understand? This is a very common problem faced by most of us. We all want to protect our thing, health or maybe even our most valuable but understanding the complications of which insurance to take can be a handful to deal with. With the support QBE insurance contact, you need not worry about choosing the right scheme for yourself. The QBE insurance contact number for its customer care is 133 723. This number is available only in Australia.

QBE Insurance support includes services such as QBE Insurance contact phone number, QBE Insurance helpline, and QBE Insurance Customer Service. QBE Insurance provides online assistance as well as contact numbers as an option that you can call on if you need a solution to the difficulties you might be facing. QBE franchise in Australia has a centralized call centre. There are extensions and contact numbers provided on the website based on different countries. You have to look up to the table built above in order to get the numbers for customer service if you are in Australia. QBE Insurance has collaborated with various call centres also in all the different countries, so you do not have to wait for the line to be transferred from to head call centre to receive your call and it can be solved immediately.

QBE Insurance contact

QBE Insurance Customer Support

QBE has various representatives or the employees of the company located in the countries and they have been assigned the duty to receive the clients’ query. But that does not mean you cannot call the helpline. You can always ask for steps to claim your insurance and if it is not resolved even then, you might approach the office of QBE Insurance. But, it has made sure that the support process offered by the representatives is very precise and prompt. There are various ways by which you can seek help from the company. You can go to their website and check for the support links. There are phone numbers based on different countries and also helpline links which you can click on to learn your difficulty and get a solution for it.

Claiming your insurance is quite a lengthy process. Most companies will stretch the process and avoid paying up for long. But if you are a QBE insurance customer then you might be in luck as they have a specialized customer care team who can support you with claim settlement. The QBE insurance contact number for claim management is 1800 023 387. If you have purchased your insurance through a broker or a mediator then also the QBE insurance contact number will remain the same for claim settlement.


There are three types of customer support in short. They have given various ways by which you can contact them in the case of difficulty. The things you can do is, you can E-mail them. But here, make sure that your email ID is verified. The most effective is, contacting QBE Insurance on their contact phone number.

If you have been trying to find, QBE insurance branches in Australia, then no need to search anywhere else. The QBE website has all the relevant details regarding the branches of the insurance company along with their address. The branch locator page not only has the address but also has additional details like contact numbers, fax numbers, opening hours etc. there are many branches of the QBE insurance company in Australia, every major and minor city has a branch or two. Even if your city doesn’t have a branch they would have a company mediator or broker who would help you with all the details about the policies provided by QBE.  Here is the QBE insurance contact link for the branch locator and also you can visit their official website.

QBE contact phone number

As we discussed earlier in the article, there are various phone numbers mentioned on the website based on different countries. Let us now learn about the phone numbers that you can use when you are a QBE Insurance client based in Australia.

The QBE Insurance official helpline is 800 553 447. This is when you are in Australia and you wanted to connect to QBE Insurance for any general inquiry or if you have a doubt about the insurances that they offer to their clients. QBE Insurance also has other helpline numbers that help you to directly connect to the customer service for any type of difficulties. The QBE contact phone number for the same is 133 723. Calling on this number opens gates for various services offered by the company and talking to the respective representatives of the department home insurance, travel insurance, car insurance, etc. When you call on this number, you can get your call transferred to customer support. The company records your call in order to help them improve and for follow-ups.

Apart from these, you can also report a case you have faced on the website, you can ask about the service stations, if you are a media person, you can also talk to them about it. It also allows you to inquire about the employment and vacancies. You can write to them at

SYDNEY Level 5,
2 Park Street Sydney,
NSW 2000

QBE Insurance Customer Support

You can go to their office and talk to the representatives there about your problem or about your query and they will make sure that they resolve the problem. QBE Insurance also offers services such as paying the instalments at your own place of convenience. That means that you can call them up and ask for a representative to come and collect the payment from your doorstep. Also, there is a facility to pay the instalment online.

Paying for your insurance instalment can be a headache sometimes especially if you have to go out to pay for it. Here with this section of customer support, you can pay your bill online and also get some assistance if you need it. When you visit the link all you got to do is fill in your customer number along with all the basic policy details. The QBE insurance contact link for claim management customer care is https://www.qbe.com.au/personal/pay-bill. The maximum number of response hour for this team is 48 hours or 2 business days.

One of the most important advantages of buying the insurance from QBE is that it has a very prompt and a shortened procedure. Other insurance companies have the longer procedure and you often end giving up on the claims. Here, if you do not receive your claim, the company makes sure that you receive it.

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