How reviews influence users’ purchasing decisions

Managing online customer reviews is a crucial element to incorporate into any business’s website, as this is an essential requirement to generate trust online. Online advertisements or even recommendations from colleagues urging these types of reviews are also common. Reviews, as long as they are verified and come from real customers , increase online trust, but what lies beyond that? Online reviews are the word of mouth of the 21st century and the service chosen to manage reviews must be a complete tool that takes advantage of all the functionalities that arise from this and gives the company access to certain benefits

Increase your visibility

Have you ever wondered how you get the yellow stars that sometimes appear in Google results? These are customer opinions! With a Google partner, you can Iraq Telegram Number Data complete your online ad campaigns by adding Seller Ratings , or you can show these stars even in organic results using Rich Snippets . #2 Create Social Proof online Social Proof is a social phenomenon where the actions of others serve as a guide for your own actions. Get your website visitors to “act” as other reviewers have done, and choose to make a purchase. Increase the feeling of online community on your website! feedback company 2 #3 Improve your SEO positioning Google loves unique content, and customer reviews are that.

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Unique content is one best elements

That Google takes into account when calculating the page rank of a specific website. Through optimal management of the opinions received, it is possible to have Germany Telegram Number them feed the Google algorithm, making the search engine take them into account to calculate the rank of your website and climb positions in Google results. #4 Adapt your products to the real demands of your target market What better way to find out what your market wants than by asking the customer directly?  Use this to create a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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