Positioning Matrix Lifestyle, Pain

Their positioning efforts –rather than rely on. The same way that’s been done in the past. Frequently. I meet with young technology startups that focus purely on. The technology and features –and completely miss what problem they are solving. Similarly, I meet with large brands that are positoning at the brand and product level. Yet forget to connect with their customers in their existing lifestyle. I’ve used this framework in a variety of client engagements, and want to release the high level here, for you to use in your positioning strategy. Positioning Matrix: Lifestyle, Pain, Brand, Product, or Features Positioning.

Level Description

When to use Drawbacks Lifestyle An effort positioned at the the desires and experiences in the buyers life –not connected to products Works well in regulated industries (Wells Fargo, Amex, have deployed in this way), or companies Senegal WhatsApp Number List who sell component products. Great for deploying at a new market when you’re trying to introduce a new concept or offering. Also strong at clinching competitive marketing space. While an ‘associative’ effort it may not be closely tied to the products and not drive prospects.

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Down the marketing funnel

Pain Point Focusing on the trials, tribulations, and pain in a buyers life or work. It’s key to pointing out to customers the challenges Mexico Email List that may exist in their life, then quickly move into product positioning. Use this to connect to a prospect in the wider mouth of the marketing funnel, this is often a first hook. If a company only positions against pain they may not move customers down the funnel, quickly follow up with value statement and product introduction. Brand Positioning directly on a company’s brand.

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