With programmatic we can plan audiences Á Christopher (ICEMD)

With program programmatic is a specialization that has grown rapidly in recent years within our country. And the possibilities that this technology offers are immense, among which the opportunity for audience planning that it offers stands out. Given this programmatic explosion, the need for specialists in the sector is increasing . Training in this area of ​​knowledge becomes essential, and given this demand from professionals, schools like ICEMD have decided to develop a specialized program in programmatic and RTB. To discover the educational offering offered by ICEMD and the advantages offered by the use of this technology today, at MarketingDirecto.com we interviewed Álvaro Cristóbal, director of the Higher Programmatic and RTB Program at ICEMD.

The advantages of applying

Who reveals to us his study offer and this technology in the business model of companies. Programmatic is growing at a dizzying pace in our country, why is this? The growth India Email List of programmatic is fundamentally due to the fact that it is a discipline that automates and makes the management and buying and selling of advertising spaces remarkably effective, enabling the generation of better results, impacting the right user at the right time and place, with a personalized message adapted to your interests. All evolution implies adaptation on the part of the market, and whether growth is more or less rapid in each market depends on said adaptation. Within programmatic, what aspects and what market niches are growing the most.

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With program the vast majority of purchasing

Modes are growing a lot thanks to the alternatives offered by programmatic, but lately the greatest growth is occurring in what are known as direct New-Zealand Phone Number List models. That is, guaranteed programmatic and preferred deal. What these models do is transfer traditional negotiations that have always occurred digitally, to a programmatic version, with all its advantages. Such as maximizing results through technological platforms, audience management. At first it was difficult to introduce programmatic because the market did not know how to find the value in this type of management. But now the capacity, advantages and multiple benefits are clearly understood and valued. This is partly due to greater knowledge and experience in the management and use of data.

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