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Google announced, after approximately a year of testing, the opening of Performance Max campaigns to all advertisers, effectively making this new type of campaign available for all Google Ads accounts. The new Performance Max, as Google itself explains , represents a new type of objective-based campaign that allows advertisers who have performance-related. Therefore, advertising objectives to access the entire Google inventory with a single campaign; in practice it is possible to deliver advertisements on practically the entire . Therefore, Time : Performance Max campaigns require less time than other types of campaigns in terms of both creation and management of advertising.

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Google network (Search, GDN, YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Shopping Latvia B2B List and Discovery) through a single Google Ads campaign. The peculiarity of this new generation of campaigns is omnichannel with a view to maximizing conversions both online (sales, lead generation) and offline (store visits, local actions); if your goal is to increase sales or conversions, a Performance. Max campaign helps you, thanks to automation, achieve better results. Therefore, This type of campaign is based on the use of Smart Bidding strategies combined with Google’s attribution technology and allows you to show your ads throughout Google’s inventory, managing to optimize bids for customers in real time. auctions that are most likely to help you achieve.

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According to data provided by Google

A Performance Max campaign has the ability to improve Japan Email List the value of conversions and reduce the cost of acquiring a customer thanks to a full funnel “vision” based on Data Driven attribution. When to use Performance Max campaigns Performance Max campaigns represent the pinnacle of Google Ads automation as, thanks to Machine Learning, Google allows advertisers to create multi-channel campaigns with performance objectives in a rather simple way. The key word in this sense is ” simplification “. Some of the reasons why you should consider including a Performance Max campaign within your Google Ads strategy are.


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