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That’s why it’s good to make it easier for the reader and make visible categories in your blog. You can add your own buttons to the categories in the right sidebar of the blog. Try to keep categories to a minimum. For example, the 5 categories you write about the most. In many blogs, the categories are placed in the top bar, which is also a good option. However, the most important thing is that the reader finds his way to what he is looking for in your blog. 7. Make your blog mobile friendly More and more readers read blogs on mobile devices. The screen is small, so the readability of the content plays an even bigger role. A paragraph with a length of 7 lines on a laptop is suddenly 13 on a mobile device. At least at this point I give up.

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External links open in a new tab It is useful for the reader to also link to sources outside your blog.  brand, all external links should open in a new tab. In this way, your blog and post will remain in the previous tab and Google will interpret that the reader is still on your blog. If the external links open new database in the same tab, the reader may not be able to return to your blog. in the address field and continue reading where you left off. In WordPress, this function is easy to add, but in Blogger it may not be possible. Then you can add a small piece of code to the link target=”_blank” so the link code looks like this . Make the blog easy to navigate Not every one of your readers will be interested in every topic and post you write.

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After that, you can make a small image on the right side of the page, to which you can add the title of the blog post with Canvas “This is how you get your puppy to stop scratching his shoes in 5 minutes” You add a picture and attach a link to it in the post. You save and Voilà! Benefit + earning income in the same post. Do not add 5 more posts to the list of most Phone Number AU popular posts. The more posts there are, the more difficult it is for the reader to decide what to read. 4. and posts and modify the content for new ones immediate exit in percent You can find this information in Google Analytics as follows: Behavior –> Site Content –> All Pages  pages or posts have the highest bounce rates. By editing the content of posts and pages, you will quickly get a reduced bounce rate.

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