Origin Energy Phone Number
Origin Energy Phone Number
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Origin Energy Opening Times


7 AM to 9 PM


9 AM to 5 PM



Origin Energy Overview

One company that generates and distributes energy and natural gas to households across Australia is Origin Energy.  Formed in February 2000, this company has made a name for itself in energy exploration, production, power generation, and retailing. Origin Energy Phone Number and Customer Service Contact 13 24 61.

Origin Energy, Australia’s leading energy company is publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ORG). It ranks somewhere on the Top 20 of the ASX, with around 160,000 shareholders. It has a market capitalisation of around $16 billion. It is currently the foremost provider of energy to homes and businesses in Australia.  It currently has 4.3 million electricity, natural gas and LPG customer accounts, which is more than any other energy company in Australia.  It is also a major energy source in New Zealand and the Pacific. It currently has 6,000 + employees.

Origin energy does four things: exploration and production of energy, energy generation, renewable energy, and selling energy. Origin’s exploration and production portfolio includes Bowen, Surat and Cooper/Eromanga basins, Otway and Bass basins, Browse and Perth basins, Bonaparte and Beetaloo Basins. Origin operates six power stations: Darling Downs Power Station, QLD, Roma Power Station, QLD, Mortlake Power Station, VIC, Ladbroke Grove Power Station, SA, Quarantine Power Station, SA, and Uranquinty Power Station, NSW. Their renewable energy portfolio includes Wind energy, Solar, and Hydroelectricity.  

It is one of the country’s key gas producers and holders of significant gas reserves. Since Origin holds a significant proportion of Australia’s gas reserves being part of the Australia Pacific LNG joint venture located on the east coast of Australia.

Origin Energy abides by what they call Our Compass, which guides the company in making good decisions.  The Purpose of the company is to always aspire to lead and deliver today’s energy needs.  It also searches and innovates in order to create tomorrow’s energy solutions.  Origin is guided by the following principles:  due care, add value, sustainability, diversity, alignment, and transparency.  The company behaves according to the following values: caring, listening, learning, and delivering.  

Origin has a very clear strategy of connecting resources to markets.  It is targeted at its two businesses with three priorities. These strategies are designed for Origin to improve their performance. Their two business focuses are to be a regional leader in Energy Markets and to have a regionally significant position in natural gas and LNG production. Their three priorities are improving returns and growing renewables, improving competitiveness and delivering growth in natural gas and LNG, and capital management and funding.

Origin uses four key measures to check whether they are adhering to their commitments. The first measure is to the Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR).  Their current rating is 3.8, which is the lowest ever and a significant improvement from the previous year.  The next measure is total shareholder return for financial performance; the next is net promoter score for customer advocacy.  The last measure is engagement survey for people at Origin. Their current employee engagement score is 52, versus 47 in the previous year.

Origin is an innovative company that has helped more than 75,000 Australians install solar and harness solar energy.  In Victoria, Origin introduced the very first smart energy solutions for the home. It is also the first company in Australia to introduce a residential and business solution for charging electric vehicles.

As Origin looks into the future and considers the growing global demand for energy and concerns for greater energy efficiency, it is working hard to provide sustainable energy solutions for the future.

In fact, Origin was the very first energy company in the entire world to sign up under the ‘We Mean Business’ coalition, a global group that recognizes the transition to low carbon economy to secure sustainable economic growth and prosperity for all. Here are origin’s 7 Carbon Commitments under the coalition: (1) report climate change information in mainstream reports; (2) undertake responsible corporate engagement in climate policy; (3) adopt a science-based emission reduction target which will see the emission intensity of the energy we deliver through our fuel and generation portfolio reduce over time, in line with the IEA 450 scenario; (4) set measures to factor in a cost of carbon internally to materially affect investment decisions to drive down carbon emissions; (5) become Australia’s leading renewable and low carbon energy provider, helping our customers to procure electricity from renewable sources and committing to procure 100 per cent of energy from renewable sources for our office premises and, where possible, all of our other operations by 2050; (6) reduce short-lived climate pollutants; (7) remove commodity-driven deforestation from all supply chains.

Origin Energy Customer Service

Origin is all about ‘Customer First’.  Here are some initiatives that Origin does to meet the needs of their customers: flexible payment options including EasiPay and Direct Debit, managing their accounts online and financial assistance.

Origin sells electricity and gas to retail customers, green energy, which are renewable resources such as wind, biomass, biogas, solar, and mini-hydro, and they also sell LPG Australia and the Pacific.

For the home, Origin offers electricity and gas, LPG, solar, hot water, and heating and cooling. For businesses, Origin also offers electricity and gas, LPG and Solar products and services.

Origin customer service handles complaints in a procedural and methodical manner. When a disagreement arises between a team member and a customer, the recommendation is that the first contact would be with a helpful member of the customer service team.  The company also strives to resolve all written complaints as quickly as possible.

Origin is also very innovative in the way they do business, which always benefits their customers.  They have introduced extended contact hours for customers to connect with them.  The company also removed exit fees for residential customers and introduced EasiPay for customers to easily manage their bills.

In order to serve less privileged Australians, the company launched Origin Foundation in 2010.  It aims to empower Australian children to reach their potential, with focus on Diversity, Quality of Education, and Training and Development.  It offers help through its Grant Program, Volunteering Program, and Matched Giving.

Origin Energy Phone Number


Origin contact numbers and office locations are listed below:

Australian CityAddressTelephone and Fax Numbers
Sydney Head OfficeLevel 45 Australia Square

264-278 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel. (02) 8345 5000

Fax (02) 9252 9244

Adelaide100 Weymouth Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

Tel. (08) 8217 5211

Fax (08) 8217 5768

Brisbane339 Coronation Drive, North Tower

Milton QLD 4064

Tel. (07) 3858 0202

Fax (07) 33697840

Melbourne321 Exhibition Street

Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel. (03) 9652 5555

Fax (03) 9652 5553


Here are Origin contact number and office locations for corporate and operations:

DepartmentAddressTelephone and Fax Numbers
Commercial and Industrial100 Weymouth Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

Tel. (08) 8217 5800

Fax (08) 8217 5855

Exploration and ProductionCoronation Drive Business Park

135 Coronation Drive

Milton QLD 4064

Tel. (07) 3858 0600

Fax (07) 3369 7840

Energy PacificLevel 45 Australia Square

264-278 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel. (02) 8345 5000

Fax (02) 9252 8633

Asset Management100 Weymouth Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

Tel. (08) 8217 5211

Fax (08) 8217 5690

Development100 Weymouth Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

Tel. (08) 8217 5800

Fax (08) 8217 5855

General Operations100 Weymouth Street,

Adelaide SA 5000

Tel. (08) 8217 5211

Fax (08) 8217 5880

Investor RelationsLevel 45 Australia Square

264-278 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000

Tel. (02) 8345 5448

Fax (02) 9252 1556


Here is a list of other Origin contact numbers for specific enquiries:

General Enquiries and Complaints (residential electricity and gas queries)13 24 617 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday

9 AM to 5 PM Saturdays

Moving House13 66 83

+61 8635 3485 (from overseas)

13 MOVE hotline:

7 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday

9 AM to 5 PM Saturday and Sunday

Interpreter for Arabic, Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese1300 137 427
For business – electricity and natural gas1300 661 5448 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday
For large corporate business, contact your account manager13 23 348:30 AM to 5 PM AEST Monday to Friday
For solar, hot water, heating and cooling1300 791 4688 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday
For LPGFor Home 13 35 74

For Business 13 44 27

8 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday

Origin Energy Phone Number

Contact Origin Energy

Origin energy has open lines to meet customer needs any time of the day.  Its website has provisions for customers to access their account through their My Account page.  They can reset their email address and password on the webpage itself.  Customers can also send an email inquiry at [email protected]  They also have an option to contact Origin through their social media channels: Facebook (OriginEnergy) and Twitter (original) for customer service. Facebook and Twitter customer service is available from 7 AM to 9 PM on weekdays and 9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday, excluding public holidays. Origin also has a Twitter account (@originenergy) for news and industry insights. Origin Energy also has the following social media accounts: Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.


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