2,750 cookies 7 kingdoms and 1 throne: this is how Oreo recreates the Game of Thrones header

Apple has launched a new spot that revolves around one of the most controversial topics in the digital age: privacy. Despite not being the most fun topic in the world (for many it is even very tedious), the company has done it again and has brought to light a dynamic spot, 2750 cookies tremendously visual and with a clear objective: to make it clear that The iPhone ensures the user’s privacy. Apple points out that, if we are so suspicious of our private life on a daily basis, we should also ensure privacy with the possibilities that our device, in this case the iPhone, offers us for this.

The protagonists of the advertisement

remain silent when the waitress comes to take their plates, they quickly close the blinds when they begin a confidential meeting or they shred documents Oman Phone Number Data to safeguard their privacy. But what are the measures they take with their devices? If you don’t see the embedded video, click here . The measures with which Apple guarantees privacy focus on: – Process data on the device itself – Minimize the collection of personal data – Dissociate the user from their data – Transparency and Control – Secure and protect data The company affirms, with its head held high, that the iPhone allows the user to enjoy the most advanced technology without compromising their privacy , since only the user decides what they share and with whom.

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Although Apple believes

It is essential that the device collects all information about the user, this only belongs to the user and no one else.True lovers of the current France Phone Number List series, Game of Thrones, get goosebumps when listening to the theme song that precedes the chapters of the famous fiction. The powerful music that plays at the beginning predicts a lot of adventure, action, mysteries and unexpected turns and has already become an anthem for millions of people around the world. Therefore, to celebrate the return of the series this April, Oreo wanted to make a very peculiar version of its iconic header made with its cookies.

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