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Optus Limited is the second largest telecommunications company in Australia. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel since 2001. The company primarily trades under the Optus brand, while maintaining several wholly owned subsidiary brands, such as Virgin Mobile Australia in the mobile telephony market, Uecomm in the network services market and Alphawest in the ICT services sector.

Features Services Optus Provides
It provides services both directly to end users and also acts as a wholesaler to other service providers such as Telstra and Amaysim. Through its Optus ‘Yes’ brand, it provides broadband and wireless internet services. Details on services can be found at Optus Phone Number. Other wholesale services include Satellite and 4G Mobile. To provide services, Optus mostly owns and operates its own network infrastructure, and also uses the wholesale services of the National Broadband Network and Telstra.

Optus australia phone number

Optus Phone Number & Contacts
Optus has got several mediums of receiving queries/ payments/ billing and account inquiries for their customers. Forgetting basic information on their official website- http://www.optus.com.au. However, if you are looking for the direct contact number of Optus, you can directly call their customer service hotline Optus phone number- 1300 760 016. And if you have a problem in the NBN connection provided by Optus, you can call 1300 300 427. These contacts are accessible for callers from Australia only. If you want to call them for general and billing request from overseas, visit www.optus.intelliresponse.com. Also, you can find and contact them on the Google+ profile of the company. Other social media accounts managed by them are- Twitter Profile, LinkedIn account, and YouTube Channel.

Remember Before Contacting Optus Phone Number
For contacting the Optus phone number directly, maintain the local service hours of Optus. The customer service centre is available to local and international callers for 8 am- 7 pm of Monday to Friday and 9 am- 5 pm of Saturday. For other inquiries like making a payment, pending field service connection or appointment, technical support or mobile coverage utilities, the available time period is same. If you have got questions about the services, complain or compliments, the best option for you will be to contact via their live chat service on the official website, Facebook or Twitter. Also, for help from Optus community, you can visit My Optus Community which can be found in their website.
Note: Calls from Calls from a Roaming Optus Mobile Phone to these numbers are free.

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  1. David Trainor

    I really need help and after talking to for representatives planting me off to each other no one is giving me the time of day or the proper number to call someone needs to help me I’ve been getting extra charges monthly have been sent a new Sim card that I can’t activate and no one is in a position or says it’s not their problem contact me I need help

  2. Vicki

    I just want to talk to customer service about my bill please fwd the direct no charge phone no. So I can ring

  3. Tamara

    Bad fetch tv service.

    I have a generation 2 fetch mighty. I had paid $30 to watch a tv series. Half way through it would not play the episodes.

    Rang and spoke with a lady. She said you have a generation 2 I will order a generation 3 for you. She then said it takes four days DVD your old one / currentoe will be deactivated. I clarified abs explained I had a old tv that it only works with fetch box. I asked that the order not be placed if this was to happen. She did not want to listen.
    I asked for a manager. She said she was transferring me (15 minutes on hold) then spoke to someone called Vicky ? I explained I didn’t want the application action to go ahead today that I would wait to Monday because I wanted access to tv over weekend. He put me on hold (15minutes). Came back saying I had agreed to it. I said not to having my current fetch deactivated until new one arrives. I asked that order is not placed. He said no you consented and I can’t change it. I again says I did not consent to having the current box deactivated.

    They argued and said tough it’s placed we can guarantee it won’t be deactivated or not.

    They behaved as bullies and no co sent was given for applying for a newer box with deactivation conditions.

    Extremely poor or no customer service. Treated like a prisoner with no say or rights. I have over $3000 /year at least fir this type of service. It’s not service it’s do what Oprus wants. Not the customer.

  4. Jenny Evans

    Abysmal. One star is being generous.
    I had my iPhone 7 replaced by insurance and the battery won’t hold a charge. I was told that I would have to pay for a new one and it was not covered. It was like having a conversation with Siri but worse! OPTUS what’s all this yes business? I just get no no no. Shocking customer service!

  5. Aireen

    Where is your customer service? Yes, the one where you can actually talk to real people? For a telecommunications company, you don’t provide the chance to actually communicate with your customers.

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