Optus Customer Care Contact

Optus Customer Care Contact

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Calls through 1902 access numbers cost $0.99 per minute including GST (Maybe higher from mobile or payphones) plus your phone provider’s access charge. You must be 18+ or have the account holders permission. Call Optus Customer Care Contact number and save in memory

Optus Opening Times

Monday-Friday08:00AM - 07:00PM
Saturday09:00AM - 05:00PM

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Optus Customer Care Contact Tips

Optus HelplineAU Contact Numbers
Customer Service General Queries133 937
Customer Service Optus  International+61 29342 5678
Customer Service Inquiry133 937
General Support1800 780 219


Optus Overview

Optus is the second largest telecommunication in Australia. This company provides telecommunication services as well as internet services. Optus also deals with providing television services. Optus was a company which was known as AUSSAT before. It was a public company which was founded in the year 1981. After the privatization, Optus also ventured into many other services apart from telecom. Optus uses top-notch quality equipment and infrastructure for providing various types of services and thus the customers of Optus have remained loyal to them.

Optus provides many perks for joining their network. If you are an Optus customer then you will be gifted with many perks like discounted prices on concert tickets, cricket matches, and discounted offers for shopping and so on. Optus is a noteworthy name in the telecommunication sector in Australia and Optus claims that their network is reached by 98.5% of the population in Australia.

optus customer service

The Optus Customer Service in terms of the mobile network is one of the best you can find in Australia. The mobile network provided by Optus is available in around Australia in all the major cities and also around 700 towns in Australia. Optus has invested a lot in order to take the Optus network to the remotest of parts in Australia. The 4G internet services which are provided are one of the best in Australia. You also get a trial period of 30 days where you can get to know about the Optus network better before switching to it.

Optus also provides broadband services and most of the households have Optus broadband for their internet purposes. Optus customer service for broadband is provided by ADSL via phone network. It is also provided via cable and NBN. The broadband plans offered by the Optus network are affordable and the speed of the internet is very fast and thus Optus is preferred by most of the people.

Optus Customer Service and Contact Phone Number

Customers are considered as the main assets in Optus and thus it is ensured that customers are given topmost priority. The doubts, queries, complaints, and problems are very well handled by the Optus customer service as well as the Optus support. The Optus customer service provides various Optus contact phone numbers for availing various services which are provided to the customers.

optus support

If you are looking to call the Optus customer care then this article is of great use to you. The most obvious contact method for the customer support team is through their helpline which is available 24 hours. The customer care executives are not only sweet but also professional enough to solve your problem within minutes. On the other hand, even Optus customers with a medically certified life-threatening condition that require an Optus service fault to be fixed as a priority can also use this helpline. The Optus customer care number for this helpline is 133 937.

Secondly, if you feel the need to get in touch with the company’s sales team then here is the information that you can use. The sales team can help you with making the right decision on which service to take and which would suit your purpose the most. The Optus customer care number for this team is 1800 780 219. The helpline is active during the office hours of the company. This Optus customer care number is a toll-free number which means no call charges will be incurred by you.

Optus australia customer care

The official website of Optus is well updated and has all the information and also the answers to frequently asked questions by the customers. Thus the customers of Optus can always approach the Optus helpline and Optus Support by whichever means they find convenient. The flexibility which is provided by the Optus Customer Service is very efficient and caters to each and every customer of the Optus network. The customer queries are handled properly and it is ensured that each and every customer of Optus is satisfied with the services provided at Optus.

Optus Contact Support

To provide the best possible customer support to the customers is the main intention of the Optus Customer Service. The Optus Customer support is available for the customers 24 by 7. The customers can easily get their doubts and queries solved. Optus support also provides timely assistance to the customers. Optus has a well-connected network in Australia and the Optus Support is provided to all the customers of the Optus irrespective of their location.

Complaints are a major issue for any company. If the company is not quick in solving its customer’s problems then they might put their reputation on stake. To get quick information regarding a customer’s problem Optus has a special helpline which only is used for complaint management. The Optus customer care helpline number for complaining management is 1800 062 058. This number is available 24 hours and is also toll-free. The average complains closing time for Optus is within 48 hours, which is quite good.

optus helpline

Optus support is very efficiently provided to the customer via telephones and mobile phones. The Optus Support is available also for international customers. There is a separate Optus Support portal on the official website of Optus. The Optus support portal answers all the frequently asked questions. This portal also features many instructions manuals for availing different functions or availing different services at Optus.

Teletypewriters are the new age typing device that allows you to easily input alphanumeric letters into your computer. This is a fast growing product which is now captured 50% of its market. Optus is no different than its competitors in launching this service across all its platforms. Due to the high demand of this service, Optus has come up with a special helpline completely segregated only for teletypewriter users. The helpline consists of three different numbers to cover all its users. The Optus customer care number for mobile users is 1800 123 124. For all the other customers except mobile, they can call this number instead 1800 500 002. If you are facing an emergency then it is best for you to use this Emergency TTY number is 106.

Optus Contact Phone Number

Optus customer service has provided with the customer with a common Optus contact phone number which can be used by the customer to ask general and specific queries related to Optus mobile network. The contact number for the Optus Customer Service will be 13397. This contact number helps you in solving most of your general queries regarding the mobile network or broadband for that matter. For international customers, the number will be +61 29342 5678.

The other Optus Contact phone numbers are available on the official website of Optus. The timings and availability of each of the Optus Contact Phone Numbers are available on the website so that the customers can easily avail information about various services by calling on the various Optus Helplines which are available on the website. You can follow this link for various Optus contact phone numbers by Optus Support.

Optus Helpline

The Optus Helpline is the same as the Optus Contact phone Number 133937. Other numbers can also be contacted for solving specific queries of the customers. The customers are guided by the respective counselors and timely support is provided to the customers when contacting any of the Optus Helpline.

It is not always necessary to call up the Optus Helpline or the other Optus contact phone numbers. There is a separate Optus Support which is available on the official website which provides all the information and also caters to the frequently asked questions by the customers. You can follow this link for getting the answers to all the frequently answered questions on FAQ section.

Optus Support also helps customers through its efficient Live chat options which are prompt and helps you with your queries and doubts. The customers are not required to provide any information or contact details. They can directly shoot their doubts and immediately get answers to their questions about any given problem.

The Optus support and customer service can also be availed by the customers by visiting the Optus stores which are widely spread all across Australia. You can easily find a store near you by just entering your postal code number and you will get the addresses of the stores in your area.

Optus Customer Service offers a discussion platform for the existing customers of Optus. This forum is a platform for the customers to solve each other’s queries and also discuss various offers by Optus. The Optus YesCrowd forum is open for all. Optus is also active on social networks. The customers get all the new updates and offer through the official Facebook and Twitter handles of Optus.

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34 Responses to Optus Customer Care Contact

  1. Brian Murray says:

    Rubbish products and even worse service

    • George Doblo says:

      what we need to do is get organised and file a class action against Optus for making false claims and a very bad relations record where if they find they cannot solve your problem cut you off, without giving a reason, one cannot complain about Optus service, it is non existant

  2. Susan says:

    All I wanted was to talk to somebody me one about getting a print out on my incoming and outgoing calls and text but it bloody impossible it’s crap

  3. Kathy says:

    What ever happened to being able to talk to a real person to ask a question of an Optus staff member?!!! A phone number for such – impossible to find on the website. Very frustrating and disappointing.

  4. Xavier Quan says:

    Why is it that I have 15 other people in my campsite that get reception and they are all on Optus and I’m the only one that doesn’t get reception!!! DISAPPOINTING!!! And everyone in the bloody world that has Telstra get reception any where in the world I going to leave you NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Joanne says:

    Never been so discussed with any service like I am now all I want is to speak to a Customer service operator and finding it impossible might be time to switch provider but that’s right I only spend 60 a month for nothing

  6. gus says:

    How the F*&k do you get in touch with a human from optus?…the robot asks a thousand questions and leaves you with the same disgusting feeling about the company, it’s like once you sign you’re on your own unless you decide not to pay the bill, thats when there treats and the calls start coming

    • AJ says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with Gus no matter what number ring ring you end up with the same automated service and after pressing 1,2,3,4 you end up nowhere. Very poor poor poor communication

  7. Graham says:

    I recently agreed to change to Optus NBN I was advised I would received a new cable and Modum prior to connection. Surprise surprise the delivery never happened and the connection is set for today. I tried to contact Optus Complaints line by phone What an exercise in futility –press 1 press 2 and so on then you are told the wait time is 20 minutes and finish up wasting the hole morning and not getting a result because the Asians or Indians you finally get to talk with promise the goods will be delivered but never arrive. Where are all the Australian Employees in this country I have been a customer of Optus for some 21 years(No Joke) BUT

    • June says:

      I have the same problem. I have had no internet since 22/5/17 & I have been assured that I would be reconnected on 25/5/17. 30/5/17. 12/6/17. 20/5/17. & now maybe 30/6/17. What a [email protected]&$!” Joke. I have submitted a complaint to the telco ombudsman & now it has past the 2 week date for Optus customer care to reply…..and I use that term very loosely!!!! So now I have to call them again. Since this has started I have been on calls & hold for over 8 hours of my own working time. I run a small business & maybe I need to bill optus for my time I wasted on them

  8. frill moses says:

    Never in all my born days and I’m not young have ever dealt with a worse company in all my born days, absolutely disgusting
    Products are useless over priced and not talking over the phone but typing question is barbaric and reading all the other complaints I concur and to tell me to look up am app haven’t got a clue how to do that don’t u understand I’m 76 good speller good at maths but that was 60years ago as for an app. Crap

  9. frill moses says:

    Lousy service, dont know what an app is or web sight. Only have email address.
    Never in all m born days have I talked to a system that is so useless, they keep changing the responder I had 3 or 4 maybe I need to type faster I’m 76 use to teach typing and shorthand still I had 4 responders. Optu get a life disgusting.

  10. Geoffrey Dillon says:

    I was supposed to receive nbn tech yesterday for nbn connection between 8am and 12 noon. No show. Phoned the 1300 300 427 number, was told they would ring back with details when tech would arrive. Nothing heard. Got on to Amanda at chatline, was assured tech would get there before 4pm. Did not turn up. No advice sent to me. Phoned the 1300 number again, to be told the tech had a medical appointment! Got to online chat with Roger K at 10.41pm; Roger said the tech did attend my home but no one at home.

    untrue –

    I was here all the time, waiting. With earlier chat Amanda,
    I was assured the tech would phone after he finished previous job. Did not happen. Roger said he could reschedule nbn tech for 8th May – unacceptable.
    In all this, I have been the to find out what is, or not, going on!
    Beginning to seriously look at churning. BTW I have still not heard from Optus about my nbn installation, and I am still scheduled for an appointment with the nbn tech on Thursday 27 April !!

  11. C Marshall says:

    I updated my credit card details before payment was due, now they sent an sms to my wife’s phone, not mine – and I am the account owner, saying bill not paid.
    Trying to find a PHONE number so I can talk to a HUMAN.
    What a joke Optus is!

  12. Meredyth Sawyer says:

    I just joined Optus in February, 2017, as my provider, ACN doesn’t do mobiles anymore. I’m so frustrated with them. They’re information on how to contact them on the internet is complicated. When you ring the customer service number they provide, there are too many menus and worst of all when you select from one, you get another menu which includes the same option you just chose. I think I can be forgiven for thinking they’re trying to discourage us from calling at all. There is no option for talking to a tech about my emails not printing properly either. Customer service should be easy but with Optus, it’s hard and totally confusing. I can’t get satisfactory information.

  13. Norm Gray says:

    Think I agree.Tried the 1.2.3.thing got the wrong person said ring back I said not likely put me through to right person can’t supervisor can’t. Will pass message on maybe someone will call back.
    Mean time stoke up the fire for smoke signals.

  14. Ian Hawkins says:

    Optus Customer Service
    Truly a contradiction in terms
    In fact, it’s shit beyond belief and that’s putting it mildly

  15. Keith Webster says:

    If you have a problem and do not feel like changing your password just access the chat line. I had a problem with accessing billing documents. I had three chat line respondents reset my password and they sent me copies of the same document. Really helpful and I still have the problem. Try and get this resolved is like picking up rocking horse shit. There is no way that I would refer Optus to anyone, especially friends that I would want to keep.

  16. Kaung Lin says:

    just talked to customer service, it is good that I got the information I need, but the guy from customer service sounded like an authority

    It would be better if he could talk nicely.

  17. Geoff Wilson says:

    Having had a problem with email security, I tried to contact Optus by phone, only to receive an impersonal recorded message. I rang Optus sales and was greeted by someone called Michael, whom I asked to put me through to technical support. He agreed and put me through to an unlisted number. I called sales once more and spoke to a young lady who did put me through to technical support and I received a good deal of help from the technical guy. However, my attempts to contact technical support since have since been futile. What sort of a company is this that makes it so difficult for its clients?

  18. Bill says:

    I’ve been trying to pay my account but computer will not accept account nunmber.
    I’ve spent best part of an hour pressing buttons trying to get a real person to
    discuss the problem. So frustrating.

  19. Norma Hedges says:

    Absolute rubbish response to my enquiry. When I finally got through he couldn’t hear me although I don’t have a problem normally. Then he proceeded to speak in a slow patronising way like he was speaking to an idiot. His accent was difficult to understand and I am still left with the same problem.once my plan is up its goodbye Optus

  20. Belinda Urquhart says:

    tryed to contact Optus to resolve a bill issue . bought a phone mid MARCH. finally connected end of March. not recieved any bills at all so far, until phone was cut off. found out they had joined my daughter and sons accounts together ???? Did no good speeking to people over seas to fix issue . went into charlestoen store than to cessnock , though issue was fixed. but no!!! now today recieved a Bill on sons mobil for $427. are you serious!!!! its on a $75 a month plan. have tried calling spent 25 to 40 mins on hold than get hung up on. tyried again today hung up on twice now saying closed at 7pm its only just turnt 5pm for god sack. Ive payed $100 off bill, but that is all you are getting till i recieve an itemised account and explanation on why i cant talk to any body about this issue and why it is so much . you better track me down before i come to your office with the telecommunication obusman.!!! rEADY FOR A FIGHT . thought Telstra was shocking thats why i changed. but i will be going back. your company sucks OPTUS.

  21. hoda says:

    have been on the phone for over 20 min and then they cut me off. I have had the worse experience with these guys. 2 hours the first day on hold while they try to fix my phone and then they realize they gave me some else number, 1.5 the next day and to which they said they will send out a tech and no tech turned up, this is the forth time, all i want is to have my phone working ive paid for it. They also wont transfer me to some one in Australia. aaaaaarrrrrr

  22. Irene says:

    worst phone and internet supplier!

  23. Mario Gatti says:

    I am making enquiries in relation to getting a copy of stored data on my mobile phone as a customer of Optus. This request is for the sole purpose of a Court case that is pending. Could you please send me the correct name and address for me to write and apply for this information.

  24. Gary Schiele says:

    been trying for an hour to talk to a person. no luck this is crap

  25. Steve newell says:

    I’m stupid, I ditched telstra after 8 years due to poor service but optus beats that hands down. I’ve been connected 8 days, already had extra charges to pay because the contracts were suspiciously guised and now trying to get anyone to speak to is impossible. what a fuken joke, if there’s anyway i can break contract and go back to telstra i will. crap and lies, optus is the worst service i have ever been introduced to. A brand new service and no one gives a rats arse now i’ve signed the friggin contract. Bunch of thieves. BTW the email below is telstra and that doesnt work cause I cant get in contact with OPtus to set up new one – just bullshit

  26. john Tudor says:

    the link as expired my usage warning

  27. laurie says:

    I purchased a new phone from bourke street store on 20 th june 2017,phone faulty ,kept saying invalid sim so went and got new sim, still the same thing took phone to a Telstra shop to get second opinion,they said phone faulty.went back to optus in bourke street,wont exchange phone only send to repair shop at my expense,phone wont charge correctly every time only calls I can make are emergency calls ,this is not good enough you sold me a phone that wont work …im off to find an ombudsman or consumer affairs at the very least…4 july 2017

  28. Jim Thompson says:

    pathetic company!!

  29. Ann says:

    New to Optus and by far the worst decision I made.
    I should have paid the r traand stayed with Telstra.
    Stupid phone service that you can’t get through to speak to anyone. Phone just disconnected and I haven’t even been helped.
    Horrible horrible horrible.

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