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Advertisements, and harnessing what their friends have done before them in the same locations. See how Starbucks sponsored mayorship in Foursquare to increase both loyalty and WOM. TV/Radio The pioneering mediums in the electronic communication realm. These mediums provide content in a one way format. Programs (radio hosts, newscasters, and stations) are using social technologies to infuse a two way relationship with listeners by finding new content in social channels (Watching Twitter) as well as integrating the voices of the audience. And empowering communities to build around them.

Perhaps more importantly

This creates new forms of inventory for these mediums. To enable brands to sponsor or get involved with. Print From newspapers. Magazines, to flyers, nothing creates an experience like holding physical paper in front of you. Nearly all of these publications have associated social media properties, from Facebook fan pages. To Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List supplementary blogs. In fact, if paper adoption continues to decrease, these social tools provide a low-cost method of publishing and interacting with their audiences.

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Magazines like Dwell

Have launched thriving online communities and nearly all national and many global newspapers have adopted social media in their online resources. Field, Persona, Channel, and Regional Marketing Marketing teams are often Singapore Phone Number List segmented by regions, or to sit with sales units in the field, or even to target specific consumer types, like moms. This segmented marketing approach is key for deeper context in approaching unique markets. Like in other forms, don’t expect a one-size-fits all approach, each audience type will have a different penchant for social media technologies. 

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