New webinars and seminars at IEBS

Knowing marketing trends is essential for any website that seeks visibility and optimization . As experts or people who are just starting out in marketing and within a world where speed makes a difference. Therefore , why not get ahead of what is to come? You must never stop learning. Therefore , IEBS , the Innovation Business School with a specialized area in Marketing, knows this well . The commitment to offering updated teaching means that every month the school offers free Webinars, Seminars and MOOCs on different topics. In the month of April you will be able to access training in areas such as UX, Business, Audiovisuals and Marketing , among the most notable. The only MOOC of the month, “eSports Management” will be on April 4 by Pascual Parada.

Rising trend

E-Sports have prevailed over traditional sports. Aimed at gamers and video game fans and experts from other sectors, who want to discover the opportunities that are Greece Email List emerging in this new world. As for the seminars, the first of them “Evolution of the organization in companies, and the figure of the boss?”, will be available on April 4. Pablo López will give the keys to understanding the new forms of organization that have emerged, putting the professional and personal development of the employee first. In addition, he will raise whether in a few years the traditional figure of the boss will be necessary. On April 11 , Claudia Crua will teach “Editing and design tools: make your YouTube channel more attractive.

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Before starting a YouTube channel

One of the cons we encounter is the competition and the large volume of content already created. This seminar will offer guidelines for creating a channel that reflects your Malaysia Phone Number List personal brand thanks to careful editing and design . Therefore , will teach how to promote content on social networks, adapting it uniquely for each platform. “NLP: Train your mind for success”, a seminar focused on understanding our brain to get the most out of it. Therefore , will be available on April 25 with the collaboration of Zuriñe Altube. This course will be based on NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) to teach how to influence our thoughts and direct our actions towards business success.

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