New Google Analytics: fundamental aspects to know

New google analytics. Fundamental aspects to know guido marabini – 6 april 2022 new google analytics have you already heard about the new google analytics but haven’t yet understood why it represents a revolution. Or. Have you read alarmist posts and fear that your company will no longer be able to obtain fundamental information to develop a digital marketing strategy . This article will be useful to you to better understand what google analytics 4 is and when it will truly revolutionize the promotion and communication activities base on the most use search engine in the world. 

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 “Seo. What’s new on google algorithms for 2022” google analytics 4. Basic information you nee to know shutterstock_1932391757 let’s start with some useful news to special data understand the context of this epochal transition of google’s main tool. What we all generally call analytics now has a number in its name. Precisely to highlight its evolution. The exact term is google analytics 4 . But in technical jargon it is abbreviate to ga4 . Now let’s see how and when this revolution was communicate. It was october 2020 when the news of the big change came out from the big g headquarters . But already the previous year the maneuvers to put ga4 online . Which was calle “App + web”. Had begun.

Everything came to fruition in march 2022

With the official announcement that remove all doubts. “google analytics 4 is our next-generation measurement solution that replaces Phone Number AU universal analytics. On july 1. 2023. Standard universal analytics properties will stop processing new hits. If you are still using universal analytics. We recommend that you prepare to use google analytics 4.” advice which should be interprete as an order from all those who use this important platform. Download the inside guide for free to discover all the essential seo statistics for 2022 from universal analytics to google analytics 4. Some dates to remember google analytics 4 according to the press release already mentione (and linke). 

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