Nestle Gerard Babitts Group Leader

General Mills Liz Valicenti  Director. Interactive Marketing, Titleist (Acushnet) Gregory Gerik – Global Social Media and Interactive Strategist. 3M Debbie (Schultz) Svoboda – Interactive Marketing and Social Media.  Pabst Brewing Company Educational Services Mike Rivera -New Media Strategist.  University of Denver Jon Barilone – Social Media Specialist. Corinthian Colleges Sonny Gill – Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist at DeVry. University Educational Services Christina Sponselli -Director of Social Media, University of California, Berkeley Mike McCready.

Web & Social Media Strategist

Lethbridge College Electronics, Devices, Mobile Jussi-Pekka Erkkola – Digital Marketing Manager at Nokia Marcy Cohen – Sr. Manager at Sony Electronics Ray Haddow – Senior Manager at Nokia Ian Kennedy – Head of Service Romania Phone Number List Innovation at Nokia Derek Brookmeyer – PR and Social Media Specialist at Dolby Laboratories Esteban Contreras – Social Media Manager at Samsung Dan Anderson – Emerging Media Manager at T-Mobile Michelle Kostya – Social Media Support Program Manager.

Phone Number List

Research in Motion Baldev Solanki

Manager, Self Service, Research in Motion Angela Losasso – Director, Social Media, Research in Motion Cindy Dingethal – Manager, Social Media, Research in Motion Felix Leander – Senior Social Media Marketing Manager, Research Canada Telegram Number In Motion John Pope – Senior Communications Manager, Nokia Jessica Kramer -Web/Social Strategist, Product Manager at Daktronics Alana Taylor – Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Panasonic Energy Maria Amezaga, Global Social Media Advisor, Shell Lanie James – Social Media Specialist, Chesapeake Energy Laura Price, Social Media Manager.

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