I have made as a Community Manager and that

Do you know what mistakes you should avoid to be a professional Community Manager? I suppose you have read thousands of articles and infographics about basic mistakes that you should not make as a community manager. But, there are other Community Manager mistakes that you will only know when you really work on it. Therefore, today I bring you a list of mistakes that I have made since I started in this profession and that I think could be very useful to you. Nowadays it is fashionable to be.

A Community Manager

And you have probably heard many times the saying “I want to be a CM!”. Or you may have seen many articles with the benefits of being a recognized community manager, such executive email list as that of the. But, it is not always easy to achieve it and there are many ways to make a mistake or get off to a bad start in this profession. As an example of this, I leave you this Tweet that _Burger published yesterday and that has had an impressive negative impact on social networks. The CM almost bet that he wanted to be funny, but he has touched on the topic “hunger” in an inappropriate.

Way and the users

Have not forgiven him for the joke. I thought that taking into account my own experience in. Community management it would be good to share with you those Phone Number AU most flagrant. Mistakes that I have made to date and that you should avoid. We always like to hear the first-hand experience of a professional. As it is truer, but people do not always like to admit their mistakes. I leave you mine, and I hope they are of. Great help to learn a little more about this exciting profession.

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