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Manage your The data confirm this trend for the future. According to Gartner by 2026 25. of people will spend at least 1 hour a day in the metaverse . Among the uses the following were identifie work shopping training interaction in social networks and leisure. Undoubtely the appointment of Tang Yu marks a before and after in the business world. In such a way that adopting these technologies is an opportunity for the growth of different sectors . This by promoting the virtual economy study interaction business games and debates. Providing improvements to the customer experience and will also allow expanding digital transformation strategies in companies. 

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Meanwhile learning research and preparation for a future that is just around the corner will continue. Face with a changing world work and eucational nees vary. Hence the photo editor importance of working on developing our resilience capacity to adapt to the changes of the digital society in which we live. At Fundación Telefónica Conecta Empleo they are aware of this and make free online training available to anyone living in Spain and Latin America to improve their professional profile from a digital point of view. According to data from Master D online eucation has grown by 21 compare to April 2021.

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After the pandemic this type of teaching has begun to have a greater boom than face-to-face eucation since it allows greater autonomy for those people who they want to continue training. In addition a lower cost of money as mobility is not necessary. In fact in 2021 alone Conecta Empleo helpe 230000 people Phone Number AU from 9 countries to improve their digital skills. The online courses of this training program are accessible 24 hours a day and you can take them within a period of time. In this new call you have until January 15 to complete them taking into account the estimate hours to complete them.

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