The main challenge is to transform, change, adapt to the new

Renewing yourself is the key for today’s businesses, especially for those that are not eminently digital and that have had to go through a digitalization process to change their business model. This is the case of Cevagraf , a printing company with more than 30 years of experience that has reinvented itself by becoming a digital printing company that works as a cooperative that, following an inbox marketing strategy , manages to offer the best service and the best experience to its customers. clients, which has led it to experience enormous growth in the last two years and have clients such as Rituals, BASF, or Turline Express On the occasion of the celebration of FOA2019 , we interviewed Juan Miguel Serres.

Graphic arts sector

In this sense, for the sector, the main challenge is, for Juan Miguel, the same as in all fields: “transform, change and adapt to the new.” Added to this is the need Saudi Arabia Email List to adapt to the new needs of the market , which is much broader and more demanding, offering “other services, cheaper, more effective, and we have to be there offering that added value.” In line with offering added value , Cevagraf consolidated itself as a cooperative in just three years. A new situation that has completely changed the business model, which has been transformed into an online store that has gone from having 30 people producing.

Email Data

Creating corporate magazines

Before, to make a magazine production, the market allowed you to take up to 1 week, today… if they give you 24 hours it is already a lot,” he says. But in addition, companies China Email List are increasingly betting more on their brand image and, to do so, they invest part of their marketing budget in, their own dossiers, etc. But far from considering that this could become a new market niche for printers, Juan Miguel considers that “this product is more of a commodity product “, but that “sending a catalog printed on paper, touching it, smelling it, being able to use it without needing an electricity outlet to charge it… will be an added value for companies. Cevagraf, in addition, faces the future with commitment, and, therefore, to provide the best service to its clients, every year it intervenes in R&D.

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