Flying Tiger La Vaguada, Cereal Hunters and Liala: the secret of the “love brands

Falling in love with consumers is one of the most complex tasks for brands in a highly competitive environment, an enormously fragmented media scenario and in the face of a user who increasingly raises their demands. However, there are those who have managed to become a “love brand.” Flying Tiger, La Vaguada, Cereal Hunters and Liala are some examples of brands that make consumers drink the wind for them. To find out how they have achieved it, has attended a meeting organized by ProBusiness Place , the business synergy scenario in Spain that connects managers, entrepreneurs and experts in different business topics, together with the Marketing Association of Spain , whose The central axis has been to analyze the construction of a love brand.

The event included

An extraordinary panel formed by Jesús Hernández, deputy director of the La Vaguada Shopping Center; Diego Anderiz, general director of Flying Tiger Kuwait Email List in Spain; Juan José Aguaded, CEO of Liala and Marcos Villaplana, co-founder and Marketing Director of Cereal Hunters. All under the moderation of journalist Mabel Calatrava. During the panel. The keys to success have been addressed to stand out in the market. The generation of memorable experiences. Customer loyalty with the aim of converting them into fans or followers of the brands. Diego Anderiz, from Flying Tiger, has pointed out the importance of having strategic plans that allow customers to live different experiences through brands: “The experience you offer today is what makes you unique.

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To this approach

Juan José Aguaded, CEO of the company Liala. Creator of the Fuego Valyrio drink, has added that “ the product is important. However to achieve Switzerland Phone Number List a successful positioning it must be given meaning in the context of the client. “We must make the user the protagonist of the product’s story.” An example of this is the Fuego Valirio liquor brand. Which has become a trend on digital channels shortly after being launched. All thanks to the content shared by the brand’s own followers. During the talk, Jesús Hernández. Deputy Director of La Vaguada. Insisted on the importance of generating insights from the various areas of the business to understand the client. Work based on their real needs and desires.

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