DDB presents “Moby Dick without limits there are no limitations to living wonderful stories

The advertising agency DDB presents together with Down España , the Spanish Committee of Representatives of People with Disabilities (CERMI) and Fnac “Moby Dick without limits”, Herman Melville’s masterpiece rewritten without the letter “e”. In the new version , Captain Ahab is not missing a leg but an arm, instead of looking for a whale, Ahab looks for an octopus, and the story takes place in Cuba and not in Nantucket. This reinterpretation of the mythical novel aims to demonstrate that, although history changes, it can be equally wonderful .

People with disabilities

Something that know very well, who write their own stories every day and for whom limits do not exist. “Moby Dick without limits” is an inspiring and original Belgium WhatsApp Number Data story that seeks to raise awareness in society about equal opportunities for all people through culture and that, in a month as special for Fnac as April, the month of reading , will focus on its commitment to literature as a source of inspiration and a tool for social integration. book-Moby-Dick «History took other paths from the limitation of not being able to use the letter E. The truth is that we were surprised at how this supposed brake led us to something equally interesting and to which we would never have arrived otherwise,” says Daniel Rodríguez, executive creative director of DDB.

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Director of business and customer services at DDB

For his part, Alejandro Lavezzolo, explains: «It was an enormous challenge to rewrite a book without the letter E, and to demonstrate that a limitation UAE Phone Number List is not a brake but an opportunity to reach different but wonderful places. ». In its constant transformation process, McCann continues to add talent and announces the incorporation of four new digital and product profiles to its Madrid headquarters. In this context, Carlos J. Navarro and Antonio De Dios join the agency as Creative Directors. They both come from McCann Worldgroup Barcelona and previously won the ADCE Pirates Hackathon and were colleagues in other agencies such as HerraizSoto&Co. The two “hinge” profiles have a broader vision of the current digital environment that goes beyond the world of communication to provide perspective to the agency’s projects from a vision of digital or physical product design.

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