List of Corporate Social Strategists for 2011

Please forgive me in advance if anyone is missing. In conclusion, I don’t mean to offend, and will update as quickly as possible from your comments. I tend to wait for submissions in comments or I ask strategists I know before putting them on this list. We’ve cleansed the 2010 list, and removed a few dozen folks who have changed career paths, or have switched companies Updates: Jan 10th: I’ve received a few messages with questions about the scope. This list is on the ‘buyer’ or ‘brand’ side, not on the vendor side as it’s hard to manage that additional group. Given I have limited resources to manage this growing industry.

I’m choosing to focus

The buyers (but that’s what I’ve always done on this blog for the last 5 years). As a result, I’ve updated the title on this blog post to indicate that, I hope it helps. Jan 18th: Did more updates, took 1.5 hours, combing through Estonia Phone Number List comments and WordPress, as it sometimes withholds comments with links. It’s not complete, but a work in progress. Jan 19th: Responded to all comments and added more folks, I think I’m caught up to date for now. Jan 31st: Added a handful of other submissions, responded to all comments. Feb 13th: I’ve invested a few hours updating and responded to all comments.

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Found additional

From previous reports I’ve now added. Feb 20th: A handful of updates, submissions are slowing down. March 20th: More Brazil Telegram Number updates made (I uncovered some comments held by wordpress), and I posted some stats about this growing list. March 27th: Added over a dozen more folks (see comments) and added new category “Industrial” as a catch all for mining, metals, construction, and maybe agriculture as this spans many industries. April 3: Continued updates April 12: More updates May 1: Continued updates, modified “Distinguished Alumni” The Corporate Social Strategist Definition.

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