Contact phone customer service
Contact phone customer service
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LG Australia Phone Number Tips

LG  Helpline AU Contact Numbers
LG Official helpline 1300 54 2273
Official helpline (overseas) 61 2 8805 4000


LG Australia Overview

Life’s Good or LG is a very renowned brand for electronic appliances such as cell phones, television sets, refrigerators, air conditioners and many other small electronic devices for everyday use. LG also offers a wide range of innovative home appliances and also a solution to solar energy problems. LG was established in 1958 and since then it is a leader in the market of electronic appliances and devices. With a wide range of products and the products being highly efficient it has been a number one choice for most of the people looking for a decent quality with affordable prices. LG offers lots of products and they also care for their customers by providing their helpline and customer support. So that their valuable users can reach them through LG Australia Phone Number. LG is also well-known for their brilliant Digital Sets used in cell phones and television sets.

LG Australia Contact Phone

LG Electronics made a foray in Australia in the year of 1997 in the name of LG Electronics Australia-based out in Sydney which is a subsidiary of LG Electronics, Inc. The company is marketing variety of home entertainment products along with the mobile phones, air conditioners, home appliances, solar energy products, and commercial displays.

As per the global strategy, LG Australia product range is backed up by the rigorous marketing campaigns. This has increased the sales in the last couple of years and LG has made the new parameters for digital promotions and online marketing techniques. Get to know more by calling LG Australia Phone Number.

LG was established in the city of Australia, Sydney in the year of 1997. It was named as LG Electronics and was inaugurated as a subsidiary of LG Electronics Inc. In Australia too, LG Electronics shelters a wide and an innovative range of products that mainly include home appliances, television sets, and all other products that are needed in the household as well as daily use by the people. Let us look at what makes the company one of the leading companies in the field. The most important thing is after sales service. This includes customer services and solving customer’s query and difficulties. The company has a well-established LG-Australia customer service. It has various LG-Australia contact phone numbers for LG-Australia support including technical difficulties, the query regarding the product and answer to every question of the customer or a business partner.


Established in 1958, LG Electronics (LG) is a global leader and technology innovator in Home Entertainment, Home Appliance, Mobile communications, Digital display, Air Conditioning and Solar Power. The extensive range of LG products reflects LG’s goal of creating products to enrich lives every day and innovating almost every area of your life, from your pocket to your home. If you want to know more about the company history, call LG Australia Phone Number.

LG Australia provides these following services- Mobile phones enable friendships, LG TV that provides all your entertainment wants in one place, LG refrigerators that make socializing and entertaining easier, and LG washing machines that keep your clothes looking good and lasting longer.

Booking Customer Service and phone number

As mentioned earlier in the topic above, the countries are becoming digital and people are indulging themselves more in the technology. So now, it becomes very important to have a back-end team, continuously working on the queries and the problems of the customers facing issues with their appliance. When you want to ask something or if you are facing any difficulty regarding using your appliance or if you are stuck at some step and you do not know what to do, you can straightaway call the LG Customer Service and ask for assistance.

LG-Australia support includes services such as LG-Australia contact phone number, IG-Australia helpline, and LG Customer Service. LG provides online assistance as well as contact numbers as an option that you can call on if you need a solution to the technical difficulties you might be facing. LG’s franchise in Australia has a centralized call centre around the branch in Sydney. There are various extensions and specific numbers provided on the website based on different countries. You have to look up to the table built above in order to get the numbers for customer service if you are in Australia. LG has connected itself with various call centres also in all the different countries, so you do not have to wait for someone from the head call centre to receive your call and it can be solved at the very moment.

LG Australia is there to help if you have any sort of questions, information, inquiries about their products, services and other sectors of their business. There are three contact services available to reach LG Australia. You can contact them via Live Chat, Email Service and By LG Australia Phone Number.
The LG Australia Phone Number for contacting the support representative is 1300 54 2273. The official website of the company is You can also avail the live chat service and here is the link. You can get the email support service there too.

LG Customer Support

LG has various branches or outlets as such located in the countries and they have been assigned the duty to service the components. But that does not mean you cannot call the helpline. You can always ask for troubleshooting steps and if it is not resolved even then, you might approach the service centres.  The headquarters of LG-Australia is located in Sydney. But, it has made sure that the support process offered by the technicians is very smooth and prompt. There are various ways by which you can seek help from the company. You can go to their website and check for the support links. There are phone numbers based on different countries and also helpline links which you can click on to learn your difficulty and get a solution for it.

There are three types of customer support in short. They have a live chat on their website, where you can ask the question to the technician chatting with you and the problem can be solved that moment itself. The second thing you can do is you can E-mail them. But here, make sure that your email ID is verified. The last and the most effective thing is, contacting LG on their contact phone number.

Their website is

LG contact phone number

As we discussed earlier in the article, there are various phone numbers mentioned on the website based on different countries. Let us now learn about the phone numbers that you can use when you are an LG user based in Australia.

The LG official helpline is 1300 54 2273. This is when you are in Australia and you wanted to connect to LG for any general inquiry or if you have a doubt about the services that they offer to their customers. LG also has other helpline numbers that help you to directly connect to the customer service for technical difficulties. The LG contact phone number for the same is 61 2 8805 4000. Calling on this number opens gates for various services offered by the company and talking to the respective representatives of the department. When you call on this number, you can get your call transferred to customer support, advertising, replacement and guarantee, marketing team, business development, etc. The company records your call in order to help them improve and for follow-ups.

Apart from these, you can also report a case you have faced on the website, you can ask about the service stations, if you are a media person, you can also talk to them about it. It also allows you to inquire about the employment and vacancies.

LG Customer Support

The LG office is also located in Sydney, 2 Wonderland Drive Creek NSW 2766, Australia. You can go to their office and talk to the representatives about your problem or about your query and they will make sure that they resolve your problem. Also, you might want to take care of something when you call on their LG Australia phone number.

The company has a motto of making life good and information available to their customers anytime anywhere. So feel free to call their LG Australia Phone Number for customer service with some following manners- The customer support hotlines of LG Australia are open from 7 am to 7 pm for 7 days of the week. Also, from basic inquiries and local product support, it’s better to visit their retails service centres across Australia or contact them via their email service, LG Australia phone number and Live chat service.

You have to make sure that you call the helpline according to their timings. The timings are 7 AM to 7 PM but they have made it convenient for being available all the days of the week. But, it is always recommended to visit the retail stores instead of calling them. You will always get a better response.

There are various social media platforms where you can find LG Electronics Inc.

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  1. Vivien de Cann

    My LG Wine Smart II purchased last year over the internet from Hong Kong , apparently is unknown to the staff at the phone hotline .
    I have a question .
    I followed the instructions on this mobile to ” share” a photo I have in the Gallery .
    This entailed giving my email address ( in order to get a copy of the photo ).
    This I did .
    5 hours later nothing has come into my email box .
    What now ??
    I know of no other way to obtain a viewable copy of any of my photos .

  2. Harry Wildman

    I Have a 2009 50inch LG TV, can I get a Freeview set top box for it if so can you give me the model number

  3. Lesley Service

    i have a 42″ LG TX which was purchased in 2008 i think. I also have 3 other LG TV’S purchased around the same time. The one in our family room was receiving channels 10 11 and 12 but has recently dropped out and no amount of auto tuning will return them. Would it be possible to get a service call as I’ve given up.
    regards, Lesley.

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