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From Portland to tech (and VC) centric Palo Alto. Weaknesses: They’re undergoing a cultural shift from a hip Portland startup, to becoming a tried and true enterprise player. With a new CEO (Tony Zingale), and with a new CMO (Kiker has moved on) to take the helm soon, they’ll have to undergo both an internal mindset change as they shift to battle enterprise players. Also, as Jive takes on larger clients, they risk alienating their small and medium size clients who can’t afford, or can’t scale with Jive’s new value proposition. Opportunities: Expect this war chest.

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The sales and marketing team. C-rounds often focus on getting the company ready for a “material” event. Jive will most likely use this time to build out significant partner channels and business development with enterprise clients. Platform investments should support new partner models that support value added Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List service growth. Altimeter expects Jive to focus on bookings and immediate recurring revenue in order to maximize value for a “material” event. Threats: Key threats come from larger vendors who may suddenly gain a “social” religion, they’re moving from dominating.

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The small pond of community

Platforms to big and must bolster for a new type of battle in the enterprise application market. Should an Oracle or SAP decide to enter the market, it may make overtures for an acquisition. and RightNow are the biggest CRM threats as they have integrated with key social business constituents and Chatter offers Russia Phone Number List competitive features on an existing footprint of customers. Mainstay social business platform Microsoft Sharepoint can continue to win favor through having Your time and attention is precious, and we are both grateful and humbled that you choose to spend some of it with us. So thank you for joining us on this journey. 

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