Lack Differentiation in Positioning Confusing

The Social Media Management System (SMMS) space lacks market differentiation when. It comes to market positioning. Which is often reflective of feature set. Furthermore, many of these low-barrier technologies are being developed rapidly. And a feature war has set in. As a result, buyers are often confused. Resulting in longer evaluation and consideration phase, and heterogenous mix of vendors in an RFP processes. Furthermore, the lack of market differentiation hurts vendors, who may have greater sales costs. And longer sales cycles during a convoluted RFP process.

This is normal

In an emerging market, and expect the maturity of the nascent SMMS space to follow similar patterns to the maturing Community Platform space. Buyers often indicate they are very confused by the vendors in the Social Media Egypt Phone Number List Management Systems space, let’s probe to find out why. One initial observation is the explosion of over 25 vendors in a short period of time, the following analysis is based of the following vendors: Argyle Social, Awareness Networks, Buddy Media, Constant Contact, Context Optional, Conversocial, CoTweet, Engage Sciences, Expion, Hootsuite, MediaFunnel.

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Moderation Marketplace

Mutual Mind, Objective Marketer, Postling, Seesmic, Shoutlet, SocialVolt, SpredFast, Sprinklr, StrongMail, Syncapse, Vitrue, and Wildfire. Why Positioning Is Important Messaging is often the first thing prospects see China Phone Number List and as a result, where I will focus today. Why? This is the first thing that buyers see (positioning) before even evaluating the feature set. Furthermore, I’ve done a similar exercise before with the community platform space a few years ago, a space I draw clear parallels as the SMMS space follows suit. Clearly this isn’t a comparison of features or offerings.

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