Contact phone customer service
Contact phone customer service
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Jetstar Australia Overview

Jetstar is a low-cost airline based in Melbourne, Australia.  Founded in 2003, Jetstar Airways is owned and operated by the flag carrier of Australia, the Qantas Group. Qantas Airlines regards Jetstar as its complementary airline, as it offers relatively lower fares than its “big sister.” Jetstar is well-known in the industry to offer the most affordable flights which run the domestic route in major cities of Australia and New Zealand. Its direct competitor in the budget airline category in Australia is Tigerair Australia.

Jetstar Australia Phone Number

Although it is known as a budget airline, it has a good, solid reputation.  In fact, Jetstar has won Skytrax Best Low-cost Airline for Australia and the Pacific Region for five consecutive years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Jetstar Airways has been recognised by the aviation and airline industry and by customers alike.  Aside from the very important Skytrax Award, Jetstar also won Best International Budget Airline 2011 from Reader’s Choice Award, Partner of the Year 2012 from Changi Airline Awards, and much more.

Jetstar’s main hub is at the Melbourne Airport, with secondary hubs at Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Cairns. Jetstar currently flies to 8 states and territories around Australia, and it has flights operating in 21 destinations within Australia.  Queensland has the most number of destinations, with 9 cities/airports in all: Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Mackay, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, and Whitsunday Coast.  South Australia, Western Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory have one destination each: Adelaide, Perth, and Canberra, respectively.  There are three destinations in New South Wales: Byron Bay, Newcastle, and Sydney.  There are also Jetstar flights operating in Ayers Rock Uluru and Darwin (Northern Territory), Hobart and Launceston (Tasmania), and Melbourne (Victoria). Jetstar Airways also has flights to New Zealand’s North Island (including Auckland, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, and Wellington), and South Island (Christchurch, Dunedin, Nelson, and Queenstown).

Aside from Australian and New Zealand destinations, Jetstar also operates in Asia and the Pacific. It has more than 4,000 flights to over 75 places.  This is made possible through the Jetstar group of airlines: Singapore-based Jetstar Asia Airways, Vietnam-based Jetstar Pacific Airlines, and Jetstar Japan.

Jetstar has an impressive fleet consisting of 77 aircraft. It currently has 11 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, with 21 seats in Business, and 314 seats in Economy. The most number of aircraft that Jetstar currently has on its fleet is the reliable Airbus A320.  Jetstar has 53 Airbus A320s, and it is an ideal aircraft for low-budget airlines because of its low operating costs and the lowest fuel burn of any aircraft in its class. Jetstar currently has six A321s, which is a bigger version of the A321. The regional New Zealand flights are operated by a fleet of 5 Bombardier Q300s.


Jetstar Customer Service

Jetstar customer care is exemplary.  Jetstar offers its customers a myriad of services to make their flying experience comfortable and memorable.

Jetstar is also known for their 10-point Customer Guarantee. These are customer commitments that Jetstar promises to deliver. Some of the significant commitments include: Your safety is our highest priority; (2) our team are always here to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; (3) you can have confidence in how quickly we will respond to an issue; (4) You can have confidence in how quickly we will refund your money, and (5) we’ll let you know your choices if your flight is changed before you travel.


One of the best services that Jetstar offers is the 10% Price Beat Guarantee. As part of Jetstar Airways’ commitment to offering customers the lowest fares, when customers find a flight with another airline than what Jetstar currently offers, they will beat it.  Just start a chat online with one of their customer service representatives, they will verify the comparison, and give the customer 10% discount on a future booking. Aside from single flights, the Price Beat Guarantee also applies to holiday packages. Of course, there are several criteria that the flight must meet in order to qualify for the Price Beat Guarantee.  These criteria are patiently explained by the customer service team, and also available on the Jetstar website.  Some of the criteria for the competitor flights are: it must be offered on a website, cheaper with all the mandatory fees and taxes, leaving later than 7 days from the time the online chat is started, direct and one way, and much more. Jetstar also considers baggage and extras part of their Price Beat Guarantee.

Jetstar has kiosks in selected Australian and New Zealand airports. In Australia, it is available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Cairns, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, and Gold Coast. In New Zealand, you can find kiosks in the airports in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Jetstar check-in kiosks are also available for domestic flights within 11 airports in Japan. You can always check the Jetstar website or contact the Jetstar helpline for more information on Jetstar kiosks in domestic airports.

Jetstar has a web check-in service, which is designed to save time for their passengers. Passengers are able to check-in online before check-in time. Online check-in is allowed with or without baggage, and passengers also have the option to choose from available seats. They can download and print their boarding passes for greater convenience. There are also selected flights that send boarding passes to customers through SMS.  The web check-in service is available 48 hours to 1 hour before the specified departure time.  It is available for all domestic flights within Australia and New Zealand. Please take note that this service is not available for the following bookings: (1) special service requests and assistance; (2) travelling with infants; (3) travelling to and from the United States, or (4) the passenger has an outstanding balance.

Jetstar acknowledges the importance of being on time, as an airline that passengers can rely on.  Because of this, Jetstar Airways collects its performance data every month for Australian domestic flights.  The goal is to depart within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time.

Jetstar Airways also has a member-only program called Club Jetstar, which gives individual members various benefits and access to the biggest sales and flight deals.

Jetstar Frequent Flyer Customer Service

Jetstar teams up with other great airlines’ loyalty programs to give their customers varied choices. When customers earn miles on certain Jetstar bookings (Plus, Max, or Business Max bundles), they can select a loyalty program from their airline partners and earn points. Jetstar has partnered with Frequent Flyer Programs of Qantas, Emirates, Japan Airlines, and Vietnam Airlines.  JAL and Vietnam Airlines programs are exclusive only for flights booked within Japan and Vietnam.

Qantas Frequent Flyer members can earn Qantas points and Status Credits on certain Jetstar bookings. It will be credited to the member’s account within six weeks of travel. Check out the Qantas Frequent Flyer categories and how Jetstar fares align with them on the Jetstar website. If they book flights on Jetstar, Qantas Frequent Flyer members will earn at least 800 points on Australian domestic flights, and a minimum of 400 points on New Zealand domestic flights.

If Emirates Skywards members book Jetstar Domestic Australia and New Zealand flights when part of an international itinerary, they can earn Skywards Miles. Members should provide their Emirates Skywards number at the time of booking.


Jetstar Airways Australia Contact Numbers

For delayed, lost or damaged baggage, contact 1800 687 374 toll-free if you are within Australia.  For callers outside Australia who are booking flights within Australia and New Zealand, here are the contact details:

Country Number Remarks
China 4001 201 451 Toll-free
Indonesia 001 803 852 9778 Toll-free, Indosat customers only, English only
Japan 0570 550 538

050 3163 8538

Charges apply, press 2 for English

Charges apply, PHS devices only

New Zealand 0800 700 730 Toll-free
Singapore 800 852 3632 Toll-free
Thailand 001800 611 2961 Thailand only
Taiwan 00801 856 694 Toll-free
USA 1 866 562 4240 Toll-free, includes Hawaii


For Jetstar insurance emergency assistance, claims enquiries, and other enquiries connected to Jetstar travel insurance policies purchased in Australia, call the following numbers:

Emergency medical assistance +603 2772 5593 Monday to Sunday, 24 hours
General Jetstar Travel Insurance enquiries 1800 257 504 Toll-free,

Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 6:00 PM

Claims enquiries 1800 257 504 Toll-free,

Monday to Friday, 8:00 – 6:00 PM


Contact Jetstar Airways Australia

Aside from calling their hotline numbers, customers with inquiries can log on to the Jetstar Australia website and ask assistance from Jess, Jetstar’s virtual assistant. Just type in your question and Jess will immediately answer, first asking more questions to refine your search, and finally giving a detailed response.

Jetstar also has a LiveChat team that can help with inquiries regarding delays or cancellations, complaints, and compliments, to change or cancel a booking, to inquire about vouchers and gift cards, and much more.

For customers who would like to request documentation for an insurance claim, Jetstar provides a Feedback Form on their website. The Feedback Form is also used for inquiries regarding Club Jetstar, Qantas Frequent Flyer, and other loyalty programs as well as visa and passport requirements.

Jetstar Airlines Customer Service exhausting you?

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  1. J n ballantyne

    Wish to call your Australian office from cairns nq but unable to get through on number provided above.
    Have tried 131538 with little success as the gentleman I spoke to was very hard to understand due to his heavy accent

  2. Anthony Pike

    Yesterday My Wife and I returned from Sydney to Adelaide arriving at about 6.30 pm. The plane had some issues that have concerned us. Half, yes half of the seat-belt warning lights didn’t work. Many of the reading lights didn’t work (ours didn’t so we found it difficult to read) and the seats were not clean, along with the trays having sticky remains of soft drink. The impression I have is one of speed at the expense of safety and service. We will be reluctant to choose Jetstar again. When the plane landed in Adelaide the baggage was quickly unloaded, which was good, but the turn around time of the plane was very fast, being refuelled as we walked past the refuelling truck (disembarking from the rear onto the tarmac) with the smell of kerosine being pungent.The unfriendly stewardess along with the public address system being not audible as the male steward garbled the words through a scratchy sounding system. An improvement in standard and professionalism seems necessary.
    I offer this feedback as a true and accurate description of a disappointing experience. I should say that when ‘things’ like lights and seatbelt warnings are not working, it makes the ordinary person feel insecure about more major items, like engines for instance.

  3. Kay.thompson

    What a money hungry airlines Yes they offer cheap flights but catch u other way I had my carry on luggage my handbag and a bag with a cake I payed for extra luggage at Syney I was told to weigh my carry on bag which was just under 7 k then was told to put my handbag on which took me over the 7 kg I was so annoyed being treated this way I had to pay 2 kg over weight $15 kg also a elderly lady was on same flight with grandchildren she was caught to .While sitting in waiting lounge ready to board you were ask to weigh ur bag many people were caught a lady put her bag on and was carrying water and was told to put that on to with her bag WHAT a RIP OFF AIRLINE will never never fly this airline again I think a ladies handbag is a personal item I flew Virgin on my return no question were asked and received a snack

  4. Rhys

    Might I suggest that when it comes to checking the weight of people’s carry on luggage that you do it at the check in counter and not as I experienced on Sunday in Adelaide when I’m due to walk on to the plane.

    I was told to have my bagged weighed and tagged before I boarded the plane, as such it was found my bag was 500g over the 7kg limit and was advised to make it lighter. Having removed an iPad in front of the Jetstar staff member I was told that along with my bag and jacket I was holding that he would consider that a third item carry on. Asked by the guy who was responsible for weighing the luggage task if there was anything in the bag I could take out and wear I pondered about my four long sleeve shirts, one pair jeans, three underwear, two pairs of socks and toiletries, only to think the best solution would be to wear all my cloths and submit an empty case in order to gain travel entry.
    To be honest I won’t be playing these kind of games, I had no issue on Qantas travel on Friday 21st June when I traveled to Adelaide with the difference being I had then packed my zipper jogger top and decided to wear it for my Jetstar flight which meant having to carry a jacket.
    It seemed the staff were pushing hard to have all bags weighed and tagged, after being knocked backed the guy responsible for this task of letting everyone know re-approached and asked me again to have my bag weighed and tagged to gain travel.
    As such I abandoned my Jetstar flight and booked my Melbourne return flight with Qantas, at the Adelaide check in counter I spoke to Qantas staff about my 500g excess and they had no issue whatsoever.
    I get it, Jetstar is a budget airline just like Tiger, any issues or problems is automatic approval for your staff to treat people like shit.
    Your pettiness over 500g of excess equals “I won’t travel Jetstar ever again”, my friends have also given varying accounts on their Jetstar experiences which is why they choose other airlines over yours.
    Further to this, you may very well say there’re scales on check in, I would again suggest if you want to apply a heavy handed approach ensuring over 500g weight is checked then have your check in staff raise it then rather than in the terminal when as a traveler I’m confronted, pushed into a corner and left perplexed with what to do with 500g’s.
    On my part I’ll be fly another airline.
    And like my friends I will continue to tell people about my Jetstar experience.

  5. Alison McDobakd

    I am so over Jetstar staff. We are on holiday down in Gippsland on arrival there was no bay for plane to go into so we sat on tarmac for another hour already late was suppose to arrive at 9.40 got off plane at 11.00 only to be told that they are not unloading our baggage due to high winds. Very other air line was unloading there’s why couldn’t Jetstar open container and unload manually like the rest. Oh that would asking to much of there staff. So they couldn’t tell us when it would be unloaded. We filled in a form and was told they would call us. Well we are in Gippsland with no clothes or shoes only what’s on our back and or holiday is spoilt. Thats great now have to go and buy more clothes which I don’t want as my clothes are on that plane. No call, no answers when I phone I get to speak to someone else over in philipnes that would know what is going on. This is just discussing Jetstar.

    1. Dale

      I was on JQ775 from Adl to Melb same day and had to come back at 1830 to pick up luggage as I was in Melb to run in the Marathon the next day…delivery would have been far to late for me…just received my phone bill…have been charged $35 extra on top of my phone bill due to me ringing Jetstars 1900 info number chasing up my own luggage and information that should have been made aware to us while sitting on the tarmac for an hour after landing…piss poor customer service

  6. Eric Smith

    My wife and I fly Jetstar because of direct flights between Tassie and Brisbane. Haven’t had much trouble and quite happy with them but recently noted two $9.00 credit card fees that appeared to relate to onboard snacks on my bank statement but I haven’t flown for 7 months. Contacted Jetstar via the web site and was ask for a copy of my bank statement for confirmation(only copied the two lines with the date and fees for safety). I was given a case number and told they would get back to me. Received a dodgy (unprofessional looking) email from [email protected] asking for full name on the card, first and last four digest on the card and the expiry date.
    Anyone had trouble like this? The expiry date request triggered my alarm bells. You don’t need that to refund money do you?

  7. Loyd herlock

    I had the worst experiance in 30 years of flying from melbourne to sydney the staff at melbourne airport were fude and no help in my situation.My sons mames were correct but my first name was loyd sherlock not amanda sherlock which is my wifes.They would not let me on the plane with my children.Seeing i was distressed i was sworn at and spoken to awfully i tried to keep calm and said i havent got a bomb which they then stopped me from flyig for 24 hours with my children.I will never fly with them again and are still paying the cost of such a bad airline.

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