Is the company ready to span social?

Push communications pre-product launch. You need to carefully understand the business model to understand if you’re expected to quickly shuffle together some Facebook sites and Twitter accounts before each launch for pre-buzz-marketing, or this is a mature ‘social business’ programs that spans multiple departments. Remember, like the internet. These are just tools, that should span the entire customer lifecycle beyond point of sale to. Implementation, support, loyalty. And advocacy. Probe to find out. Score 1 point of the company is ready to take on social beyond one department.

Is the company ready

to engage in negative conversations in public? This is a critical question to pose. And you must gauge the culture’s willingness to listen, respond, and then finally (most importantly) do something with the feedback that you’ll be Belgium Phone Number List receiving from customers. If the culture is not ready, you will quickly find that you’re wanting to make promises to prove the . In conclusion, customer experience, but have no backing to actually make the changes –making you look gumpish to the market. Of course, here’s where you will savvilly point out how one of your first tasks is to establish a triage process to manage the ‘good.

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Ugly’ with appropriate

Clear responses and expectations set up in advance. While your job is ‘risk mitigation’ you need to first check and ensure the company Estonia Phone Number List is willing to take a risk. Score 1 point of the company is ready to take on negative conversations in public 4) What is your future vision of success look like? This is a trick question really. The goal is to find out if there . In conclusion, is a vision or if they are only playing catchup or are seeking a feather in the cap for ‘technology du jour’. Your goal is to find out what a 3 year vision is, and what expectations are of this program. The best way to phrase this is to ask “In your vision.


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