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iPrimus contact
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iPrimus Mobile is an Australian telecommunications company and a wholly owned subsidiary of M2 Group. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia. iPrimus primarily focuses on fixed, mobile and broadband services. Primus Telecom was the first telecommunications carrier to receive a license when full deregulation and competition was introduced in Australia in 1997 and has network facilities across Australia. Primus operates its own fibre network in the five major capital cities; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Contact iPrimus phone number for more on company info.

iPrimus Contact Phone

iPrimus Mobile Services
iPrimus was founded on 1st July 1997 fully owned by M2 Group. Today, with a growing telecommunication business, they have a number of employees of 500. Since the establishment, through several steps of Market entry, growth industrial consolidation and acquisition, iPrimus has now become one of the leading Mobile and Broadband service provider in Australia. More can be found by calling an iPrimus phone number.
iPrimus have two product and service categories- Residential product and Business product. They provide Broadband, Fixed line and Mobile services as residential products and Internet and Data, Voice System services etc. as business services.


iPrimus Phone Number & Support
Before contacting the iPrimus phone number, you have to decide on what purpose you want to contact them before calling. As they have several hotlines for different types of customer support. The iPrimus phone number customer service is 1300 85 44 85 and the iPrimus phone number for technical support is 1300 85 11 85. Also, they have other hotline numbers for Phone fault, Mobility enquiries and Provisioning.
You can visit the official website http://www.iprimus.com.au/ and contact their online customer service at http://www.iprimus.com.au/contact/ to talk about the basic requests/enquiries, services and products. Contact directly via their customer service mail service- [email protected]

Remember Before Contacting iPrimus Phone Number
While visiting the online support centre, be selective to choose on choosing the purpose of your enquiry. Because, they have got several categories of customer service as like as billing and accounts, Technical support, Understanding the Billing Process, Email phishing scams, technical hacking etc. By entering your details into the customer service form, you agree that Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd will use your information to market products and services to you. This information will be disclosed to our agents and contractors, some of whom reside outside of Australia. Also, maintain official contact period which is 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday (for customer support).


FAQ- iPrimus


How to get Account information over the phone in iPrimus?


Assistance is available to you from our Customer Service Staff during the following hours and staff can provide information regarding any unbilled amounts on your account and your information regarding your usage;

Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm. Your privacy is important to us, so be sure to have your account information handy so we can verify your identity before providing account information.

What are the usage of My Account?


iPrimus broadband plans and bundles have 24-hour access to online self-help Account Management via the My Account section where there is the option to;

  • View current and previous bills
  • Check your account balance
  • See future charges not yet billed
  • Look at your Internet usage summary
  • Go over information about your plan
  • Edit options Record payment receipts
  • Make payments via Credit Card

For help accessing your My Account, please contact us. Please note that call records may not be displayed in real time and could be delayed by more than 48 hours.

What is internet usage?

Internet usage is the amount of data which is transferred between your computer or other device (e.g. smart phone, tablet) and the Internet over a certain amount of time. This amount of data is measured in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes.

Data can be transferred in two ways;

From the Internet to your computer or device (download – e.g. watching a video online);

From your device or computer to the Internet (upload – e.g. uploading pictures to a social media site).

Regardless of how you connect to the internet, all activities, including Uploads and Downloads, contribute to your overall usage.

Why does iPrimus have a Fair Use Policy?

iPrimus tracks usage and sets acceptable usage limits in order to offer an excellent product and service to all iPrimus Customers and provide reliable, consistent service.

What can cause unexpected high usage?

The most common culprits for data disappearing are;

Streaming: Video or audio content on YouTube, illico.tv, tou,tv, etc.

Online gaming: such as XBOX LIVE, Miniclip.com, Games.com

Automatic updates: e.g. Adobe, Windows, Explorer, etc.

Exchanging files via Itunes, LimeWire, Zik.ca, Kazaa, BitTorrent, etc.

If you are happy with your use of the above, then perhaps you should consider a different plan. In most cases, iPrimus will not charge fees to upgrade to a larger data allowance (although the monthly access fee charges may be higher).

How can I check and monitor my Internet usage?

There are several ways to check your Internet usage, check out our Internet Usage page for advice and contact details, log into your Account Toolbox or call our friendly customer service representatives.

Does iPrimus provide a battery for battery backup?

No. In order to obtain a backup battery, please speak to the NBN installer. Currently, nbn™ is supplying the battery backup units when installing a new NBN terminal at Fibre connected premises. The Power Supply Unit (PSU) for the Network Termination Unit (NTU) has the facility to accept a backup battery. If maintained properly, the battery can provide backup power to your Fibre service in he event of a power outage. Please note that it is your responsibility to fully charge and power the back up facility.

iPrimus Customer Service exhausting you?

Share with us the experience of the iPrimus Australia Services (waiting times, courtesy, professionalism, etc.), the price of customer retention promotions & valuable tips for the benefit of all customers


  1. Kajetan Bartak

    We have continuous problem with our landline telephone on rural property (there is
    NO mobile coverage within 40 km radius ). The phone line is running through bush
    exposed – partly on and above ground . We are paying for ” platinum ” service for
    phone which is generally not working full month . That is how frequent there are interruption to the service . In bush fire prone area with nearest small town 40 km away the telephone service is ESSENTIAL as we are elderly as well .
    I have just spent 15 min waiting ( on phone in Sydney ) waiting for connection to the customer service . WHAT A SERVICE ?

  2. ross asmussen

    second time wating for iprimus on phone everything was great till we went to nbn many internet problems phone great our end but nobody can hear us crackling and break up modem is faulty but they wont replace it not good enough paying for a service i do not have isnt this a form of thievery i am diabetic and need phone for emergencies it has happened in the past all i want is what i pay for

  3. Michael K

    Spent last month on the phone trying to fix Internet issue with NBN, 6 calls to IPRIMUS. in this week alone. Made to change cables over and over, reboot modem over and over, changed UDI D ports 4 times. I purchased a new modem, just to be told by IPRIMUS oh no you can only use our modems, yes the have them locked down so you can not use your own superior modem/Router. Today after all this they did more testing on their super modem that is 10 months old, well we have been changed to UDI D3 port on the NBN wall unit and they found that the wan port is faulty on their super great modem, now we can wait a further week to get a new modem, yes the same great modem that lasted 10 months. So we have another 5 -6 days with no internet or phone as it part an parcel also we can not use Foxtel anytime or Foxtel go. So 2 weeks with phone internet by telstra only. The operators do not record the information you provide, or the information they provide you, you have to go through it over and over with each call centre operator in India or some other far away country with an operator with terrible accent hard to understand, they get stroppy and make it if you do not understand when it is them that do not and don not listen. IPRIMUS avoid it keep away poor service little follow up you have to keep contacting them they do not call back. As soon as my contract is up they are gone along with their useless low grade modem that as basic as an FJ Holed was back in the day but more reliable. I know what I am doing IPRIMUS IT operator worked in the TV industry and PC builder. “Your so called techs” reading of sheets in front of them not helpfull at all..IPRIMUS WORST SERVICE EVER.

  4. Arthur Midgley -7 Piper Street Gordon Park Brisbane ,Queensland

    I fully agree with the statement I PRIMUS WORST SERVICE EVER
    I primus I will have the internet connection removed and will have to get used to no internet access –

  5. Josh

    I move 3 streets down the road its taken iprimus 2 weeks to reconnect my service a visit from a technician new codes generated and still im told i have to wait a few more days what a joke

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