MOIA celebrates the We”, the Volkswagen campaign that invites sharing

In its latest campaign, MOIA, Volkswagen’s mobility service that focuses on shared travel, fights against the differences that divide society by focusing on the things that unite it and inviting people to share “the same direction . ” The announcement launches its new ride-sharing service with 100% electric cars in Hamburg, Germany, which will be the largest in Europe. “MOIA celebrates the We” presents an audiovisual piece with its own style and extremely careful photography, with the aim of presenting this service as a way of life. In it the brand makes it clear that ” it is not about where we come from but about sharing where we want to go.

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The video has not been developed by an agency, to have a team of creatives to capture its idea. The result, a spot that revolves around the Kuwait Phone Number Data broadest sense of the word “we” , showing people from different cultures, social classes and ways of life. Do If you don’t see the embedded video, click here . Data sheet MOIA: Maria Soni Reissfelder, Anna Maierski, Fabian Lebersorger Creative Director: Kyra Nenz Creative Producer: Jannik Endemann Director: Thomas Bryant DoP: Tim Lorentzén Production: Tony Petersen Film Producer: Lilian Tietjen Post Production: Paul Schwabe Sound: Loft Berlin Editor: Benjamin Entrup Colourist.

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