ADECEC organizes a round table on the importance of Internal Communication

ADECEC Organizes The Internal Communication Commission of ADECEC (Association of Consulting Companies in Public Relations. Therefore , has organized a round table to talk about the importance of Internal Communication within companies and expand its visibility. The association speaks of Internal Communication as a great ally for new business models. The conference took place at the EAE Business School and was attended by consulting firms, companies and media, as well as different professionals: Graciela Ramallo, director of General Dynamics European Land Systems; Ana Toro, editor-in-chief of digital HR; and Asunción Soriano, Second Vice President of ADECEC and CEO of Atrevia, who moderated the session.

Internal communication The ADECEC

Prepared a document that highlights the importance of Internal Communication today , a key piece for digital transformation, co-creation, employee Philippines Email List experience, Engagement and brand and reputation . Employees are a fundamental part of any company and must feel like ambassadors of the brand. As Ana Toro says, “the worker becomes the heart of the company, it is no longer the boss who chooses him, but the employee himself who chooses the company.” For her part, Graciela Ramallo states: “We must move from Internal Communication as a tool, to a lever that drives the company and that must be part of the strategy.”

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Asunción Soriano highlighted

The fundamental figure of communication and public relations consultants as advisors to organizations to achieve this engagement with the employee. At the meeting Arabia Email List they encouraged organizations to attract talent and highlighted the importance of digitalization and attractive content to communicate with their employees more effectively. Every successful real estate agency has great knowledge about the area in which it operates, for example: the properties available, the type and price range of each property. As experts in the field, they know the areas that are not profitable and those that are; those that have schools, goods and services around them. But the most peculiar thing about all this mentioned, they know exactly how and where to find the necessary information that the average buyer is looking for.

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