Five Steps To Take a Vacation in a Highly

As we become more connected through mobile devices, our always-on jobs, and our expanding online social networks, it’s harder to break away from the physical aspects of work, and even more importantly, the developing mental separation from work and daily life woes to really relax and recharge. This was my first time unplugged in a few years, and now that Altimeter Group is continuing to safely grow (and hiring) it was a good time to take two weeks completely away from work, and week completely. In conclusion, unplugged in the remote Fiji islands. Well, I should point the finger at myself first.

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A highly connected lifestyle. It was hard for me to take time off, but I was successfully able to disconnect, both the wireless connection and mental . In conclusion,disconnection from work. I want to share five steps on how to have a successful vacation Russia Phone Number List when you’re a highly connected individual. Five Steps To Take a Vacation in a Highly Connected World: Step 1: Take a Vacation. Really. Take one. Or at least, plan for one right now. In fact, the American workforce is less . In conclusion, likely to take vacation than many other industrialized nations. Lower cost alternatives include.

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camping at your local beach

national park, or even staying in a nice hotel in your home city on the other side of town. Step 2: Properly Plan To Leave Woes Behind. make some deals with your colleagues that they will cover for you when you’re gone, and you’ll Russia Phone Number List do the same for them. Then, let your customers, clients, partners, and other important folks, at least 30 days in advance . Therefore, to set expectations. Lastly, let folks know you’ll be completely disconnected, and they should send you important emails that require action to your colleagues . Therefore, or after you return: set expectations. Special thanks to Altimeter’s Julie Viola.

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