Brands that can change the world: from creative imagination to morality

It is evident that something is not working in the world. That society is breaking down and that fear is spreading. has taken over people. Brands that is what happened to Afdhel Aziz, a long-time marketing professional who has worked for big brands like P&G and who now travels the world raising awareness and convincing that brands can also be a lever of change. Through his book “Good is the new cool” , Aziz exposes, at c de c 2019 , how good advertising can have a positive impact on people and recover the humanity that seems to have faded.

The fight against climate change

Racism, women’s rights or the regulation of the use of weapons are just some of the issues that new generations have put on the table and that brands cannot, nor Brazil Telegram Number Data should they, avoid. Employees are increasingly guided by companies’ values. Commitments and CSR policies when choosing where to work. Investors increase their interest in companies highly committed to their environment and consumers reward brands that do good. Millennials spend $2.5 trillion annually and 95% of them say they would change brands for a good cause. “Companies are going extinct faster than ever” Some brands like Nike are already beginning to be a reference but, Aziz points out, we must move on to the next chapter.

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Differentiating element for consumers Brands that

Not only because social activism is who position themselves with each purchasing decision, but because it is also a profitable business model. It is enough to refer to the Poland Email List data to verify it and it is that those companies that invest more in CSR policies have results that are 26% higher than those that do not. Companies are going extinct faster than ever,” he points out. This happens because consumers do not care about brands, “there are too many.” The ones that will survive are “those that have a clear purpose and that show how not only their product, but their marketing adds value to people’s lives.

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