How Wealthy Corporations Spend

We aimed to find out. These “wealthy” (which deemed by annual revenues). Corporations spend comparatively more on customer facing social business . Efforts than most other corporations. Yet the overall subtotal of spending is significantly small. First, recognize that social business has only been formalized in programs for about two and a half years (data). And most companies are intermediate but not advanced. The following data is of companies with over $10 billion dollars in revenues per year, and their expected spend as reported by the Corporate Social Strategist.

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Our recent reports on Social Business Spending. And clients can receive additional data from us as needed. What You Should Know: Across nearly all efforts. The wealthy (deemed by revenues) spend over double than the average Luxembourg Phone Number List corporation in social business. This is in alignment with Altimeter’s Engagement DB study which shows a strong correlation (not causation) between how corporations are engaged with their customers and the size of company. These corporations spend significantly more on internal staff to manage, more than any other program, which is in line with this labor intensive.

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Teams organized as well as to manage communities, blogs, advocacy programs. Sadly, the training and education programs to train Singapore Phone Number List this staff and line of business is incredibly low, under $70,000. Secondly, there’s a significant spend on advertising, which is often deemed a scalable marketing effort as you can just ‘throw dollars’ at it and hope to get a conversion return –without having to engage with customers in costly dialog. These wealthy corporations are spending slightly more on traditional agencies, yet social media boutiques are still grabbing a lion’s share over $221k per year and growing.

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