How to tell if your Company is Advanced?

What does a truly advanced company look like in social business? They can say yes to seven or more of these ten criteria. We’ve been interviewing the most sophisticated brands in the world when it comes to social business for our upcoming report on “Enterprise Social Strategists Role”. We’ve come to learn which companies are advanced and why. Secondly, I meet a variety of companies who tell me they are “Very advanced, having done this for a few years, and have dozens of Facebook efforts”.

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On their sophistication, they often retract their statement. How to tell if your Company is Advanced: 10 Criteria Of Social Business Maturity Corporations that have these and other following elements in place, may truly be sophisticated Guatemala WhatsApp Number List when it comes to social business: Clear understanding of customers’ socialgraphics. Clear understanding of how their customers use social media by knowing the socialgraphics of your customers. Granular knowledge of where their customers are, which behaviors they use. In conclusion, who they trust for information, and how they influence.

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Their own products. The true test? Your company can adjust budgets of your integrated social strategy based on data –not gut feel. Your organization is in Hub and Spoke, Dandelion, or Holistic formation. Social technologies Singapore Email List enable all employees that want to talk to customers to do so. This means a massive change inside of your organization to get ready. Your company is sophisticated if you’ve organized in the Hub and Spoke, Dandelion, or Holistic and all employees clearly know their role. In conclusion, process, and contact points. The true test?

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